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Patrol Heli no Rewards

Closed 3.0.3

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The reward is given to the player who did the greatest amount of damage to the heli, rather than the last person to hit it.
Also, if that's the not the issues, make sure that you don't have a 0 multiplier for distance or any weapons.

Any multipliers you want 'off' should be set to 1.

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same here with heli and bradley.
i set all Multipliers to 1 , set  1 multiplier for distance or any weapons

i get a damage report and a death note but no rust reward message and no points , the other kill rewards works fine.


is it possible to get a config file that works on you?

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I can confirm that I'm getting both patrol heli and apc rewards on my test server.
I don't think there's anything different between my current version and public version but if you guys are 100% sure it's not working in public version,
it will in the next update.

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