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2 minutes ago, cengizhanbucak said:


instant drop and muscle sir, the server is unplayable




Holy 😄 Uh, in my own tests, I am getting nothing close to that, if you unload the plugin, what's the server FPS?

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11 minutes ago, cengizhanbucak said:

I guess all the mishaps found us rusternet plugin the same way 🙂


fps limit 30

Will you please try running the server to about 60 or more? A lot of processing maybe is being interrupted just because of that cap 🙂 

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no problem with performance here, but:

  112 "StaticLootables" (1.4.2) by Raul-Sorin Sorban (1022.02s) - StaticLootables.cs


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I'm very confused to why that would happen. 😮

I'd love to have more information to what your guys' servers run, and how stable the performance is overall. The plugin's written in the most optimized way I could, and based on my tests, it's very, very smooth. Please let me know if you have more useful information. I'll temporarily mark this as closed.

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1 hour ago, wsad 920NW said:

I also have the same issue.

11/12/2021 11:51:14 | StaticLootables was compiled successfully in 1686ms

Hey there. Are you up to date with the plugin? Latest is v2.0.4. As of the latest version, you shouldn't be getting that anymore.

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