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Loot table not working?

Closed 1.0.6


I've set the loot table to my liking, but it doesnt work?
Sometimes it works only when i kill it(normal players get default plugin loot after killing it)
Sometimes, i too get vanilla loot(not even default plugin loot)
pls help >.<

I use better loot for loot tables, tried disabling bradley crate there, still the same(vanilla loot), tried disabling in bradleytiers, still the same(vanilla loot)


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noticed you have the easy profile set to be like the vanilla (1000HP).
Best for now would be to increase the HP on it (even if 1100 HP it will make a difference).
And set     "Include Vanilla Bradley": true  if you want a 1k HP Bradley.
with current checks it would count as a vanilla Bradley and skip the loottable on the easy Bradley.
The rest seem fine and should spawn the loot assigned to the profiles.

Do you have other plugins using the Bradley in their events ?

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I'll give that a go and let you know if it's fixed, and no, i don't have any other bradley plugins

Edit: eveyrthing works now, thanks for the support 🙂

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