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raiding bots

Pending 2.1.9


My pleasure. Honestly, I don't think that's something I'm likely to put time into.
I always thought it would look janky and I've seen a few other attempts which kind of confirmed that.

I might have them lob grenades or fire rockets at specific targets at some point, but I doubt we'll be seeing any npcs c4ing bases and that kind of thing.

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Thank you. 🙂
I agree it's a great idea, and a logical next step, but I think there are too many things that would make raiding npcs look bad to really put any time into it.
I am considering some features along those lines like door camping, if someone attacks npc then takes cover in their base (maybe bringing backup???), or rocket barrages where it makes sense,
but full 'raiding npcs'...It's unlikely.

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Maybe what I would suggest is to allow the 'ai' aspect to be more modular / customizable such that you're creating the NPC engine that works on top of the existing bots. Then users can create / share templates on the behaviors. anyway this might imply more rewrites for you but it would also make the plugin more self sustaining. 

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