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Remove player from raid on disconnect

Closed 2.1.6

Not sure if this is already implemented, and I just missed it but I've noticed if a player disconnects from the server while in a raid from power outages, rage quit, etc... When the raid is done the player/s that is still in the zone will die, and loose everything on there body (does not bother the Backpack plugin) but the Restore Upon Death plugin doesn't give back the items they had on them.

So is there a way to eject a player from a raid on disconnect?
Thank you. 

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Heya TwoShoes, players aren't killed under any circumstances so I am not sure how your player died. The oxide logs should show this though!

There's no way to do this. I'll think about it, but since it can be exploited I'm not too sure if it should be done. Like for instance, if the player is on a PVE server in a PVP raid then they could just disconnect to become safe. Moreso, if there's a PVP delay then I would have to apply to them as well or it would make this exploit even worse. I just don't see it as being viable. Any other suggestions?


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