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Does not remove amount from their current balance, all items are free!

Closed 1.0.5 1.0.7

Just had added this plugin today but it seems that we are having an issue with the players not having their balanced removed when purchasing an item through here. The seller receives their balance but the purchaser is not charged.

We are using Economics as our main plugin as well. 

It appears to show the balance correctly though (even though I did change the verbage in the language file to display $ instead of RP.

No errors appear in console either when a purchase / sale is made either 😞

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We have now rebooted the server, reloaded economics mod, still does not remove any balances from any players, until this is fixed this MOD is completely useless. Giving it a 1 star until I hear back otherwise here.

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RESOLVED: Issue was that the only hook from economics that didn't function was with the field "Type (Plugin or Item)": being set to null. When setting this field to the below, it enabled the withdraw hook to work:

"Type (Plugin or Item)": null,

"Type (Plugin or Item)": "Plugin",

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