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Amount of Loot is wrong.

Closed 2.1.6


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So i run a X1000 Server so loot is massive and cannot fit in all chests the simple answer is higher stack sizes but i dont want to ruin the server with stupid stack sizes like for example 25 C4 is the stack size we use but to make it worth raiding we offer like 1500 in that base. not there's alot of loot as well as c4 that but it doesnt all spawn as the stacks of c4 take up 90% of the chests is there away to correct this without lowering the loot or changing stack sizes so that players get all the loot?

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you add it to the bases themselves and recopy them 😛

find what base it is by typing /rb at it. it will tell you the filename

then take that filename and type /paste <filename>

add boxes where you want them

when finished go outside of the base, go right next to the outer most foundation, look directly at it and type /copy <filename>

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