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Issue with timer

Closed 2.1.8 2.1.9


everything is working fine with VIP players, however for non-VIP players you cannot claim prize that is AFTER vip claimable prize. As you can see in screenshots 4th reward is VIP and the person has 103 minutes play time and he cannot claim any prize in second pageScreenshot_33.thumb.png.fa694a99c5861c706df59e8d6f0b5382.png


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If I remove the 4th prize that is VIP at 30 min, I can claim the rest
I think it is blocking me from claiming gift for 60 mins if I havent claimed 30 minute one. but I cant claim it because it is VIP only

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That greatly helps me narrow it down more I will keep investigating. It shouldn't matter but there could be an issue of it not by passing that like it should as it did before the forced updates. Hopefully I will have that addressed in the next few days.

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