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Massive mountain exploit found.

Closed 1.1.2 1.1.3

This was brought to my attention by a player. Anyone is able to walk into the opening and build; not only that but you can shoot through the mountain itself upwards at players and actually kill them without them seeing you.


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np i should hopefully have em all fixed, that area has a ton of cliffs so its easy to miss some

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Is there a way to update the map on the server without actually wiping the players bases and things? My monthly wipe started after Facepunches update, I'd hate to have all my players lose their progress so far.

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you can but it can also cause some glitches from time to time, there might be a walkthrough online, but its basically copy the save rename to match current map version and load up. like i said it can cause some glitches but usually its nothing too bad

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