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No Bases Spawn automaticly and rb.config add doesnt work

Closed 2.1.6


topic is clearly all


all what the consol me say is this in image all other says load korrektly 

otherwise.. i delete the folder the .cs and the .json data's and i load it back in i get the same .json back 

i write rb.config add "Easy Bases" Nivex2 

then the programm says me import correctly but if i open the Easy Bases.json i didnt see Nivex2



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solfed.. xDD my bad i dont reopen filezilla lul...


i write you a directmessage but otherwise maybe here


i changed in config file like that


Following failure comes..


i open chests in the "medium" base section and i find sometimes no c4 or Satchel..

alot of times chests are empty or only 1 item in

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you need to add loot to the loot tables in order for more loot to spawn. you must also change how much loot you want to spawn in the profiles

loot tables is any file inside of oxide/data/RaidableBases/ except the files inside of the Profiles folder

if you want loot to ALWAYS spawn then you must add the loot in oxide/data/RaidableBases/Base_Loot

AND you must set Always Spawn Base Loot Table true in the profiles

these answers and more are in the documentation. read it 😛

Loot Tables, Loot Priority, and Loot Settings

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thank you very much and.. 1 more thing


if i add 1x ak rifle weapon


its normaly 1x in chest how i cann add more in chests? not stacked? 


thx for your great support

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