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Spam in console

Closed 2.1.0

I get this in the log file: 00:00 [Info] [BotSpawn] Can't get spawn point at Lighthouse 0. Skipping one npc.

And it's all over the log file. 🙂

This is because I build a massive foundation directly where the NPC's used to spawn.

So this prevents them from spawning which I'm totally fine with.

Could you just do something about that log file spam?

It's written down a 100 times in a minute.

Thank you.

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The best way to suppress the log spam is either to ensure that BotSpawn will find spawnpoints at the lighthouse, either by using custom spawn points or increasing the radius,
or ask for fewer, or no, npcs.

The lighthouse and the Dome in particular require a larger radius for finding random spawn points as randomly chosen points must be on open terrain with a clear view up to the sky.
Setting a small radius for these profiles makes that impossible as the monument itself is in the way.

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It's totally ok that they cannot spawn anymore. Don't get me wrong.

I would only be happier if there was a way to not put out this message so often.

Is this something that can be done on this side or is it an Oxide thing?

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Well, they shall spawn if possible but if someone build a big foundation that avoids them spawning in that area that is ok.

It's just a bit annoying that this comes with a massive spam in the log file.

I don't wanna turn them off by default.

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The solution, then, is to make the profile radius bigger or use the BotSpawn chat commands to create custom spawnpoints - The latter allows you to place them on, or in, the actual monument where people won't be building.

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