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Not a Bug 1.0.2

How do you set the next wipe date with this plugin? I have WipeInfoAPI already set up and I thought this plugin requires that but when using this in conjunction with the WelcomePanel addons, the wrong "next wipe" date is wrong. On my UI (Magic Panel), the correct numbers of days until wipe is displayed (26 days). In Welcome Panel, it's saying just under 1 week (6 days, 22 hours... ).

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My plugins does not work with Magic Panel or other similar plugins. WPWipeCycle extension using WipeCountdown for displaying time left until next wipe based on seconds you set in config file. 



  "General Settings": {
        "Countdown (seconds)": 604800.0,
        "Global Response Enabled": false,
        "Global Response Text": "<size=20><color=#FF5733>RUSTDOME</color>.NET</size> \n Next map wipe will be in <color=#FFE49B>{countdown}</color>",
        "Global Response Icon": 76561199136807947,
        "Global Response Cooldown": 3600,
        "Keyword To Trigger Response": "wipe",
        "Reset Countdown on Map Change": true



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Ok, well I wiped the map on August 5th. The next wipe is September 2nd. This plugin says the wipe is in just under 7 days. That's not correct. How do I get this plugin to show the correct next wipe date?

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2 minutes ago, BetterDeadThanZed said:

So it's going to show the wrong wipe date until I wipe it on September 2nd? There's no way to fix that? 

You know there is command for reseting countdown.

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I appreciate your work. I bought the Welcome Panel as well as the Addons and they're great, but your documentation on this isn't very good and your responses are very short. I understand this plugin is free, but can you please just talk to me like I'm 5 years old?

1. I wiped my server on August 5th.
2. I installed this plugin today.
3. My next wipe is September 2nd.
4. This plugin says my next wipe is August 14th.

How do I fix it so it shows the correct wipe time, which is in 26 days? That's all I'm asking.

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I literally already said what you can do about it and Im kinda baffled that you still not getting it. So one more time 

1. cofing file - Countdown (seconds)
2. console command countdown_reset

I dont know what else I should write into docs.

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I figured it out on my own. I'd recommend in the install instructions, you clearly explain how the time to the next wipe is calculated for anyone that adds this mid-wipe.

I figured out how many seconds it is until the next wipe, I changed that in the json file, then did the countdown_reset command and then reset the countdown so when the server wipes in September, it'll be correct, but that process wasn't clear in the directions. So, it's working now. Thank you for your help.

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