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not working

Not a Bug 1.2.1

I have it installed on my own PVE server and it works without any issues. Please, describe your problem. What exactly not working?

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32 minutes ago, Jinksy said:

when i get shot i take damage and die and the shooter takes no penalty maybe i'm setting it up wrong?

PunishAttacker.json 1.18 kB · 0 downloads

I see you have 

"Prevent ally damage (team / friend / clan)": false,

this means you allowing members of team / friend / clan to damage each other. Also they will not get penalty because they are allies. If you want to be able to punish even allies then you should disable those options:

    "Use Clans": false,
    "Use Friends": false,
    "Use Teams": false,

 The idea was like if you want to punish your allies - just remove them from team / friend / clan and they will start to get penalty. Also, they may want to test something or teach one another how to shoot etc. So I suggest you use it as is and if you don't want to allow damage between allies, just change this option to 

"Prevent ally damage (team / friend / clan)": true,

Also, for testing purposes you can use

spawn player

console command. It will spawn a dummy and you can shoot it without need to ask anyone for help.

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