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  1. Im also interested to see a video or some info how accurate and performance-demanding this is.
  2. Which is better this one or Rustycuffs?
  3. ProGold


    Please add an option to disable VIP multipliers for certain things only. For example no vip multiplier for killing of players or auto turrets (to prevent abuse) Also is this plugin gone from umod? Why?
  4. ProGold

    Custom Buttons

    is this just this plugin or also the button plugin?
  5. Does this also have a homes gui? I have a permission group to get more home locations and sometimes their list can get too long so a gui would be nice
  6. does this support /tpt (auto accept teleport from clanmembers) ?
  7. ProGold


    The lack of answers and support is kinda whats holding me back to purchase this... will be using ServerRewards until hopefully the author of this plugin comes back
  8. How do you add signs to this? I saw a video of a police vehicle which had Sherif signs on the side not sure if its a different plugin or what
  9. What happens if a player suicides/teleports? Will he automaticly teleport back? Or what if he logs off? Is this admin tool only or can this be used for RP purposes too and if so how is abuse handled? For example if someone handcuffs someone and doesnt decide to let him go until they rage quit. I dont have a PVE/RP server but just normal Rust PVP so I would like to know if it can be used there too in any realistic way. Would be funny if players could use it and cuff someone and lock them up and even take them to their own personal jails. However with a set time limit to prevent real abuse. Maybe only 3 minutes or whatever you decide to set it to. With of course with the option to take their inventory and release them and send them off into the wild again.
  10. ProGold


    Hey there I would like to suggest a feature. Can you only give a welcome reward when someone's ServerRewards balance is below a certain value?
  11. ProGold


    So any news about the commands and kits and more items per page and so?
  12. ProGold


    Thanks for your reply. Can you show how the custom categories are done? Or maybe some screenshots? It will help me to decide if I should get this or not. Also subcategories would be nice is this possible too? And one more thing: is it possible to add more items per page? 8 is nothing really. You would have to go through 10 or more pages to find what you are looking for. So an UI overhaul would be nice so you could fit like 80 items per page
  13. ProGold


    Is this better than ServerRewards? I have used ServerRewards for a long time but the plugin annoys me (and my players) because it is slow and laggy so i'm looking into alternatives such as GUIShop. But now I also find this and this seems interesting. I got a few questions though before I could make a decision: 1. Is there also a support to add kits? 2. Is there also support to add comands? 3. Is there also support for cooldown? 4. Is there also support for permissions? 5. Can we do custom categories? Not the rust default categories? for example I would like to split up weapons and attachments or doors and walls and so on. 6. You listed "performance" as feature. What is this exactly? Because the config has almost 15k lines. Seems a bit overkill. Well let me know! Thanks!
  14. ProGold


    Can this be used as some sort of warning system too? For example: someone has been breakign the rules overnight and is currently not in the server. This way you could make the screen show up next time they connect (without banning right away but a message that they could be banned if it happens again) etc?
  15. ProGold


    I got a few suggestions: 1. Tooltip hover You will see what command it is or what it does when hovering above it (put it also in the config under tooltip) 2. Showing server time on top of the screen This will give a more realistic experience 3. Showing server weather on top of the screen This will also give more realistic experience 4. Showing ingame Economics/ServerRewards balance on top of screen This will also give a more GTA-like experience 5. More grid options 3x4 is really little. Should also go up to 4x5 maybe even 6. Also custom text on top of screen Here you can put server name network or something trying to make it more unique

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