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  1. mcoulter876

    Bots Clipping

    @Steenamaroo Bots seem to be able to clip through structures made with the Building Planner in RustEdit. Any ideas why?
  2. Has that been added in the new update or..........?
  3. Has the feature to spawn bots to a player via the server console window (not the F1 window) been added to the newest update (2.1.1)?
  4. Giving the Murderers a chainsaw allows them to use it and causes damage, but there's no chainsaw sound. Is this a known bug?
  5. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd love to be able to run this with TimedExecute (though that doesn't seem to use console commands very well).
  6. So, if I want just the Murderers, I have to set both the AutoSpawn AND Murderer to True? I'll give that a go. Thanks! On another note, is there any way to spawn bots to a player via the server console? Mind you, I don't mean the F1... I mean directly from the server console window created by running the server's .bat file.
  7. And here is the other config: { "DataPrefix": "default", "Global": { "DayStartHour": 8, "NightStartHour": 23, "NPCs_Attack_BotSpawn": true, "HTNs_Attack_BotSpawn": false, "BotSpawn_Attacks_NPCs": true, "APC_Safe": true, "Turret_Safe": true, "Animal_Safe": true, "Supply_Enabled": false, "Remove_BackPacks_Percent": 100, "Remove_KeyCard": true, "Ignore_HumanNPC": true, "Ignore_HTN": true, "Ignore_Sleepers": true, "Pve_Safe": true, "Max_Chute_Wind_Speed": 100, "Max_Chute_Fall_Speed": 100 } }
  8. Here is my config: { "Events": { "AirDrop": { "AutoSpawn": false, "Murderer": false, "Day_Time_Spawn_Amount": 5, "BotHealth": 100, "Corpse_Duration": 60, "Kit": [], "BotNamePrefix": "", "BotNames": [], "Bot_Accuracy_Percent": 40, "Bot_Damage_Percent": 40, "Disable_Radio": true, "Roam_Range": 40, "Peace_Keeper": true, "Attacks_Other_Profiles": false, "Peace_Keeper_Cool_Down": 5, "Weapon_Drop_Percent": 0, "Min_Weapon_Drop_Condition_Percent": 50, "Max_Weapon_Drop_Condition_
  9. Nothing in the logs. Do they require Kits?
  10. It's been running a couple of days and I just now checked it a little after midnight in-game and there are still 0 bots. I've never used Murderers before, but I've never had this problem with the regular bots.
  11. You can't use /botspawn in the server console (mind you, this is not the F1 console from in-game... this is the actual server .bat file console window).
  12. I have murderers set to True for all 4 Biomes at night only (day number set to 0), yet they do not spawn. I checked that the "Night Start Hour" was 23 and at around 1am in-game time there were still 0 bots when using the bot.count command. I am not using kits or any other plugins that would alter/hinder the use of the BotSpawn plugin.
  13. Is there any way, using the BotSpawn plugin, to spawn a custom profile to a player via the server console? I'd like to use TimedExecute to spawn bots to a player's location. Thanks!
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