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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Full working plasma recycler with HBHF triggered spinning light if a player is nearby. Scrap your stuff with style Demo Video


  2. I received several messages, not all related to the keylock computer, that some people have trouble while using counters in RE. It seems there is an issue that occurs in rare cases and counters are counting in two steps instead in one step. In this case the keylock computer will not work. I received some test prefabs with working and non-working keylock computers and try to replicate this error to hopefully find a solution. At the moment it is unclear what is causing the error. If you notice an error like this, please let me know. If there are more people out there having trouble with counters, also unrelated to the keylock computer, it could be an RustEdit/oxide.ext.rustedit.dll issue. Thank you.
  3. Version 2.0.0


    A small prepper shelter deep in the woods with a secret underneath. Updated version of the Prepper Shelter V1 with some fixes, adjustments and modifications. Changelog: added prefab "Toilet Paper Over" by Nox adjusting ground height fixed floating trees fixed flickering light in bunker toilet deleted additional Lake V2 prefab added some decorative elements deleted C4 crate slightly reduced the density of bushes around the shelter added invisible chair triggers to sofa in shelter deleted useless simplelight prefab in shelter changed ceiling lights in bunker to more atmospheric lights added prefab "Gun Rack" by Uncle Bens deleted bradley crate added Tier 2 crate edited alpha map added ammo crate added note with CCTV ids deleted CCTV id info in bunker added monument topology to some parts around the shelter to generate random loot spawns added "Lantern-With-Holder" prefab by Pravum added fog effect added "Poop Cube" added fire and smoke to broken generator at shelter entry added smoke to broken windmill Includes alpha, biome, height, splat0, splat1 and topology. Always check the correct placement of the alpha layer. Sometimes some adjustments are needed after placing a prefab in RustEdit. Thanks to: Pravum (Lantern-With-Holder) Nox (Toilet Paper Over) Brengun (Pookie Bear Clock, Pookie Bear Bed, Tableclock) Uncle Bens (Gun Rack) Also available at: https://rust-custom-designs.biz/ Demo Video


  4. Version 1.0.0


    36 sliding blast doors arranged in a circle to simulate a vault door and opens with a circular effect. in the original version, all parts like generator, timerswitch and wheelswitch are so arranged, that an easy editing is possible in the compact version, all parts are "compressed" for better placement includes a custom vault entry with integrated vault door, as cave entrance, ready to use To setting up the vault door, you just have to connect your power source to the timerswitch input and a switch, pressbutton or whatever to the timerswitch trigger. First place the door, where you want it to be and break it afterwards to connect your power output and trigger. In the tutorial video linked below I show how to combine the vault door with my keylock computer. Also available at: https://rust-custom-designs.biz/ Demo Video Tutorial Video


  5. Version 1.0.0


    A non-interactive wooden workbench, useable for any kind of workshop setup. This workbench is just a decorative object. I wasn´t able to place a functional workbench inside of it (rescaling of interactive object´s won´t work), without that it would be seen. Maybe there will be an updated version with a real workbench inside in the future. Also available at: https://rust-custom-designs.biz/


  6. Version 1.0.0


    The scene shows a rotten loading station surrounded by a little forest, which was used to reload goods from trains to trucks and trucks to trains in the good old times. But it isn´t so leave as it seems. A group of scientists was using the loading station to reload weaponry to a train and send it to the compound as suddenly one of the rusty structures collapsed and buried an armored truck among themselves. It´s your task to clear the area of scientists and find a way to open the armored truck to gain access to the weapons inside. While exploring the area you will see, you and the scientist are not the only ones who used the loading station for their own purposes. This monument includes: two versions of the Loading Station: a monument version for normal use with all loot, effects, IO elements and levels you can go to and an arena version for using with the deathmatch or gungame plugins with reduced prefab count, reduced effects, no sewer system and no loot boxes/barrels plus invisible colliders prefab count monument: 4820 prefab count arena: 1819 Monument layers: alpha, biome, height, texture, topology Arena layers: texture, topology custom loot (custom loot presets included if you have trouble loading the custom loot) custom vending machine (custom vending machine preset included if you have trouble loading the loot inside of it) custom CCTVs scientist NPCs many custom prefabs path around the area for optional bradley spawns (no bradleys included) hidden "easteregg" crate a more demanding door puzzle as the usual greencard/bluecard/redcard puzzles little safezone inside the monument (you just have to find it fully accessible. You can climb any building and travel trough the sewer system free download of further versions for all customers of this monument Please read the readme file after purchasing for further informations about how to use, cctv codes, aso. You have trouble, found bugs or have questions about this monument? Contact me via the support option or follow my discord link in the readme file. Special thanks: Pravum (testing, support) Sharlimar (testing) Levintos (testing) Nacron (testing) Jaysrips (to give me the permission to use is awesome scraptrain) Also available at: https://rust-custom-designs.biz/ Demo Video


  7. Version 1.0.0


    Adjust a 4-digit code players have to enter to open doors, activate turrets, turn on lights or do whatever you want with it. The ZIP-File contains the keylock computer and the raw circuit prefab, if you want to create another case for it. WARNING!!! Counters in RustEdit seems to be broken at the moment. The keylock computer is using 12 counters. It is possible that im some cases, the counters will count in double steps or tripple steps. At the moment it isn´t possible to fix it, because it´s not a circuit side issue. Hopefully it will fixed with the next forced wipe or RustEdit patch. If you notice any issues, please let me know. IMPORTANT: Please read the How to PDF-File, that´s attached to the ZIP-File with the prefab. I wrote it in my best Kraut-English and hope it´s understandable for you. Otherwise take a look at the instruction video linked below. Setting up the keylock computer the first time could be a little tricky, so please follow the instructions before asking for support. Please pay attention that in some cases IO elements could dissapear or don't work the right way. It's an RustEdit side issue. It will mostly appear if doing a mid-wipe, breaking the prefab and use the undo command in RustEdit or moving the prefab after breaking it too much. In this case try to replace the prefab. The keylock computer can only be setting up in RustEdit. Don´t try to change the counter values ingame. The whole thing is build like this, that players can´t change values from the front. But you have to ensure, the back is covered or hidden. Also available at: https://rust-custom-designs.biz/ Demo Video: Instruction Video:


  8. Version 1.1.0


    Letters from A-Z and 0-9 in retro style and 5 different color styles. Fully scalable and rotatable. Every letter is saved as own prefab, so you dont have to break and seperate them. After download, copy the complete folder to your RustEdit root folder. You can find the letters in RustEdit in your prefab list under Custom\Fonts\