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  1. Version 1.0.1


    "AET - Reactive Target Auto Generator" lets you place up to 20 reactive targets with random triggered automatic up-/and down-mechanism. Useable for targeting practice courses and similar prefabs. No need to wire up something. Just drag the reactive targets you want to use and place them wherever you want. The whole circuit is stored inside the prefab. No timer switches where needed. You can start the circuit by activating the simple switch. 20 small kickstart circuits trigger the random switches. And no, it´s not possible to integrate counters to this circuit, because the counte
  2. Changed Status from No Response to Closed Changed Fixed In to 1.2.1
  3. Hey mate. Sorry for that. Seems something went wrong with the upload. Also the monument is broken at the moment due to recent Rust and RustEdit updates and I am working on a fixed version. That´s the reason why the monument is for free at the moment and will be for free in the future. You will me messaged if a new version of the Loading Station is available. I hope I could help you. Greetings, [GER]Abracadaver
  4. The download is closed at the moment until some fixes are done. Some parts of the monument are broken due to the latest updates. IOs are fixed, but there are some floating or missing prefabs at the moment.
  5. Already found it and will purchase a copy if my salary arrived.
  6. Thank you very much Kusha. Will send him a PM. Didn´t know a plugin like this exists.
  7. Is there a possibility for a plugin to setting up bots with instruments and let them play a free defined midi file? Like what Rustissimo do, but with bots instead of players. Dreaming of an automated concert stage as part of a custom map.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Two traffic circle prefabs (clean and broken) with a classcube fountain in the middle. Includes sockets and can be combined with all kinds of roadtiles that have pavement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BaQkFRUEQc
  9. You are welcome and thank you for your message. Beware that some objects are only visible after todays patch. Have fun and a nice day
  10. Version 1.0.1


    7-segment dot matrix fontset with electrical inputs and 204 letters, numbers and special characters. Can be combined with your own circuits. Prefab count per 7-segment panel: ~60-70 To avoid performance drops because of the light effects, don´t write whole books with the fontset. Tested all letters at once without massive performance drops but always remember not all players have high end machines. Just drag & drop the fonts you want to use and connect your power source or circuit to the OR-switches, which are attached at the back of each panel. Each lett
    Very interesting and well made mini monument. Nice ideas like the ability to sit on barrels or the bearskin thing Would nicely fit into a waterworld scenario or just as an oceanside gimmick. Really good work.
  11. Version 2.0.0


    This toolmap includes 99% of all working prefabs, objects and effects to increase your workflow while creating stuff in RustEdit. (State: Rust Patch November. 2020) The creator map was created to help all you RustEdit creators out there to increase your workflow and don´t let you stuck in the creation process because you search for hours for the right prefab or object to use. Sometimes it´s easier to see something to get an idea what is possible with it. Just copy/paste or drag and drop the stuff you need to the building areas at the lower edge of the map. I tried to locate every
    Nicely done. Simple but effective
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Five Pixel Buddies Glowing Lamps. Decorative pixelart objects with a slight red glowing effect in the dark. Join the team of Duperman, Fault Boy, Harlequin, Mogaman and Thunderbolt and save the earth.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Custom fontset with 48 letters, numbers and special characters. Low prefab count. Fully scaleable and rotateable. Every letter is saved as own prefab. So no breaking to seperate the letters is needed.
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