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  1. Mals

    Safe Kick

    If this let me pick a/some points in game without requiring an additional plugin I would buy it. look at NTeleportation /town command as an example of setting a position in game with no other plugin required. I have had some bad experiences with the dependent plugin, thus pass for now.
  2. Mals


    Version 1.6.13


    This plugin provides a way to automate light control and toggle lights from the server console and via chat command using no fuel. There is a config to allow you to pick and choose what is toggle. There is also options to automate turning lights on and on at night. A big thank you to Wulf and k1lly0u for their awesome lights plugins. If you need fine grained control of lights they are both superior options. If you want fuel use for lighting AutoFuel is a awesome choice. My understanding of lights came directly from reading these plugins and it inspired me to make this low load and slightly more inclusive of entities plugin. If it generates lights or effects I tried to include it. I include a lot of non-light devices (Water Pumps, Fog Machine, Snow Machine, Spooky Speakers, Strobe Lights) to allow operators to have fun with players. I am open to suggestions to improve this plugin as long as it does not hurt performance. I use it on my PVE server and it has a lot of lights. By using always on the load of the lights is light on the server. It can still be brutal on the client due to the graphics load. Night Toggle (turning the lights on and off, is reasonably efficient but can spike server load). It is nice for role playing but use always on if you want the best server side performance. Permissions This plugin uses Oxide's permission system. To assign a permission, use oxide.grant <user or group> <name or steam id> <permission>. To remove a permission, use oxide.revoke <user or group> <name or steam id> <permission>. lightson.allowed Granting that to a group or player allows them to toggle the lights for the entire server. For example: oxide.grant group admin lightson.allowed Console Commands lights on -- Turn on any lights that are off and set to true in the config lights off -- Turn off any lights that are off and set to true in the config There is a second parameter where you can specify a portion of the light source short name to force all of them to the on or off state ignoring the config. Example: lights on fireplace -- Turn on all fireplaces regardless of the config settings Chat Commands /lights on -- Turn on any lights that are off and set to true in the config /lights off -- Turn off any lights that are off and set to true in the config There is a second parameter where you can specify a portion of the light source short name to force all of them to the on or off state ignoring the config. Example: /lights on candle -- Turn on all candles regardless of the config settings Configuration The settings and options for this plugin can be configured in the LightsOn.json file under the oxide/config directory. The use of a JSON editor or validation site such as is recommended to avoid formatting issues and syntax errors. Console Output set to false will stop message (other than errors and night toggles) from logging in the console. These can be set to true or false in the json which lets you determine what is turned off and on automatically: BBQs Campfires Candles Cauldrons Ceiling Lights CCTVs Fire Pits Fireplaces Fluid Splitters (only the power to allow you to control flow) Fog Machines Furnaces Hobo Barrels Igniters Lanterns (which include Chinese Lanterns, Tuna Can Lamps, Lanterns, and Jack'O Lanterns) Refineries Searchlights Snow Machine Spooky Speakers Strobe Lights To avoid automatically turning off active processing there are protection you can set to true for the following: BBQs Campfires Cauldrons Fire Pits Fireplaces Furnaces Hobo Barrels Refineries They can be turned on automatically but not off is protection is true.You can still force them off by name. For example: /lights off furnace Additional control parameters: Always on Night Toggle (please use either Always on or Night Toggle) Check Frequency (10-600) Dusk Time (0-24) Dawn Time (0-24) Hats do not use fuel Always on means turn the lights on and leave them on. Night Toggle uses the Dusk Time and Dawm Time to toggle the lights on at night and off in the morning. Hats do not use fuel is as the name suggests. Notes If the server lights are on (either via always on of the night toggle is on) and you place a light source you have selected to be on, it is turned on when placed. This avoids having to periodically turn the lights on to catch newly placed lights. This alters fuel requirements to zero through the methods it is using to toggle the lights, since you removing player agency around fuel usage. Note: Furnaces etc. turned on will not process their contents, just look active and produce light. You are giving free light but not free processing. Simply turn them off and back on for normal processing. It is important to let players know this as they may initially be confused or frustrated. Since this plugin is toggling animation flag states (where ever possible), it allows things like hobobarrels to light up with no fuel in them. It does some "hacky" flag settings to avoid needing fuel in other light sources. It is not elegant, but efficient. If you want free fuel NoFuelRequirements or AutoFuel are good solutions, this plugin tries to avoid altering the fuel level in entities other than hats and jack o lanterns. I only add fuel where the toggle of animation state trick is not working in that use case. Hats and Jack O Lanterns usually require at least one fuel in them to allow players to toggle them. Toggleing Laterns (which includes Jack O Lanterns) with the commands does not need fuel. If you are using the commands to turning a light source on and it is already on, it is not altered. If you are turning a light source off with the commands and it is already off, it is not altered. Toggling lights on should not mess up processing content, as their state is not changed. It will mess up processing if you toggle off and then back on for an entity that processes things (grills, furnaces, refineries, camp fires, firepits and fireplaces). Since I added the Night Toggle feature, I also added Protection for light sources that also process contents. I would recommend you leave these to true. Doing so will not turn these off when dawn happens. That is to avoid annoying players by interrupting their processing. The side effect is they will always appear on if they set to automatically turn on in the configuration. Choose carefully what you will configure to be controlled if you plan to use the off command or Night Toggle. If you are going to use the off command I recommend you do not include Furnaces, Grills or Refineries as it will stop processing if they are in legitimate use. If folks tend to cook in campfires, firepits and fireplaces you may want to skip them as well if you plan to use the off command. Honest I normally just turn items not normally used to do processing on and leave them on as it has the smallest server load and will not annoy players. It is important to consider consequences of turning things off or toggling them on and off. Check Frequency controls how often the plugin checks for night or to toggle the lights in seconds. It has a relatively small load unless there are lights to process. If you want the lights on at a very precise time then a lower number (more frequent check) will help increase the accuracy. I like to light up all the hobo barrels on the map to give a nice effect, that is why I originally wrote this. It should cover all light sources, please let me know if any are missing. It will be interesting when electricity comes in, I will do my best to ensure this keeps functioning. The light source name tries to match so "a" would match all light sources with "a" in their name. Use "all" to force all lights server wide regardless of configuration setting.


  3. Mals


    Version 0.1.1


    Code Pulled from Lights on to make Large and Small Candles last a very long time and light when placed. For people that just want candles support and not the full blown lights on experience, as requested by an operator.


  4. Mals


    Version 0.1.1


    Penalize players if they die. Supports Server Rewards or Economics. Uses permission to determine if a player will be penalized: Default Config: { "Penalty": -100.0, "UseEconomics": false, "UseServerRewards": true } Someone asked this to be part of RustRewards but it was going to mess up the flow so I spun it into its own little plugin.


  5. Mals


    Version 13.1.2


    This is a direct copy of Friends from Umod: with filtering to avoid adding NPC and ending up with bloated data files. Chat Commands: /friend <add/remove> <player name or id> -- Add or remove a player as a friend /friend list -- List all of your current friends It has the same name, hooks and API as Friends so is a plug and play replacement. It tries to blocking adding NPC, but some sneak in so when the plugin saves the friends data it removes all the NPC data. This will also clean up any existing data with NPCs in it. So expect the files to shrink in size on the initial run.


  6. This is a lot of fun but players can fly into monuments and buildings (if they aim right).