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  1. Truth

    BotSpawn Freezing server

    Happy to report what the EXACT issue is for this.. In server config, the following cvars : coverpointvolume.cover_point_sample_step_height 2 <-- This was set to 0 my host thought the default of this command was zero coverpointvolume.cover_point_sample_step_size 6 <-- This was set to 0 my host thought the default of this command was zero If those are set to 0 in server.cfg the server will have the meltdown i kept having.. the fix is to change those values from 0 to their default which is 2 and 6 respectively.
  2. Truth

    BotSpawn Freezing server

    Those are actually all the default values for ai from the server.cfg the only thing i've changed in there was the hackablelockedcrate.requiredhackseconds to 300 from 900 Edit:-- Turns out you were right. just having them in the CFG even default values broke the plugin to make it freeze... now to my next mission, having removing the server.cfg without my host forcing it upon restart. Thank you.
  3. "Allow_Rust_Loot_Percent": 100 <-- change this to 0
  4. Truth

    BotSpawn Freezing server

    Hello, The plugin for some reason is freezing the server. I'm testing botspawn at airfield and within a few moments after spawn or bots getting killed, the server just freezes. now, I have a bunch of plugins that are installed, all of which are updated and none of them alters or controls NPC behavior/spawning. Linux and Windows were my test platforms. The server console just freezes and times out. I haven't even been able to get an error log because it doesn't generate one.. I've adjusted the default profile multiple times to try to see if any of the settings is what's c
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