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  1. Those images stones and wood wont load. i can fix them by deleting image library data folder to redownload all images, but this fix not a permanent. After server reboot, images wont load again. anyone can fix the plugin for me? i wish just to load 5 images will be added via config like many plugins doing that. for example: "Type": "Wood", "Image": "https://i.imgur.com/wood.png"
    Good plugin, and developer really nice and friendly.
  2. Robis

    Welcome Info UI

    Yeah Guys, nice plugin, developer told that he even make more icons for the buttons. Just need to wait
  3. Robis


    Ok i find an mistake in my custom god plugin. That bastard add a tag and god mode automatically once you hack a crate. thanks god i find it out. Shame on me Ok now i just want to leave scientists like they are, great that they dont run away of spawn point, but need them shoot back if anyone poke them in distance. And about server reboot errors, i think while server loading, your plugin mismatching spawn points, couse it doing checks to early. My solution just run auto command to reload it like 5 mins later when server is loaded.
  4. Robis


    Ok i again istalled your plugin, fully runed it and this time i dont got any tags. I think it may cause this efect other plugin who is dont really like your plugin i will try to look which one doing that So it means your plugin have nothing about tags, but one of other plugins reacting to it. i will reviewing one by one now
  5. Robis


    DezLife Im apologise, yesterday im probably hit maximum level of madness. spended 5-6 hours with that. But i got lesson. Sorry if i hurt you. And you was right, i write nasty things, usually i never did that before anywhere. So clearly what i want to say now: 1: The Plugin adding a player to the specific chat prefix/tag when you hacking and looting device container. and then no chances to rid of that tag, just reinstalling a server. 2: The npcs have very short range to shoot. so if you are in bigger range like 50-60 you shoot them free, they wont shoot you back 3: Make
  6. Robis


    Nofrog i think this plugin great how it works already, i dont use any vip stuff to decrease cd... better for everyone the same timer. what is your server save timer ? also leave a plugin check timer on original "1" By the way some plugins related to server save process. and they get updated after that moment.
  7. Robis


    Hello, i want to buy this plugin, but i need you to add one more config option. No owner bypass: [true/false] If tool cupboard has no owner allows to destroy items/building i need it couse im using npcraidable bases. they need to be destroyable at all times. Can you make an update for it ? Thank you
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