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  1. CashDK

    Not working with ZoneManager

    RFC1920, could you also take a look at my database?
  2. CashDK

    Default damage Zones

    Updated with last release 1.0.65, now all zones are working
  3. CashDK

    Default damage Zones

    I have a little problem with NextGenPVE. I have made 3 zones on my map with default damage true, but only one of the zones works. All 3 rulesets are Enabled, only difference is zone.
    Amazing piece of work, players are excited to play some PVP on this Monument. Keep up the good work friend.
  4. CashDK

    Turret Sync

    The turrets sync with the TC, do infect that you not can pick up your turrets if your only authorized true TC.
  5. CashDK

    TC Authorize

    Fair enough, it was just because the work progress was set to closed I aksed.
  6. CashDK

    TC Authorize

    Did you finish the TC Autirize update??
  7. CashDK

    TC Authorize

    Hey!! Is there a possibility to Allow people who are TC Autorize bypass CRaidControl and destroy things like the owners bypass.?? Thanks for a great Plugin
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