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  1. zulg

    New train

    Never mind, I'm sure your new update fixed it, now their killing, thanks
  2. zulg

    New train

    I have a ton of players saying none of the NPCs under ground in the train tunnel are hurting players! Is there something I need to set so they can hurt players?
  3. zulg


    I used the other plugin from over yonder and in my opinion NextGenPVE is so much better,it also lets you use a GUI to configure, and is easy to understand, dose everything you need it too and more, should have been payware!
  4. zulg

    Text colors

    thats what i needed thank you much, your an Excellent Dev.
  5. zulg

    Text colors

    David could you please show me one line of the colors, i'm so conused on the sentax on how to make muti colors in one line Example: Pluins Used on server! (color1) InfoPanelUI.(color2)Used to open a GUI for server rules and info.(color3)Command /info\n\n I want the whole sentce one size in that example too i made it size 15 Thanks again David!
  6. zulg

    Building damage heli

    Hello, how do i set it to make the heli not do Damage to buildings? I have players fighting the heli and using the patrol heli to damage other players bases so they can loot (I know, it's soo freaking sad I have to ask this) or if anyone has a different method to stop players from doing that would be even better, it's so not fair the heli cant damage a base when fighting it!
  7. zulg

    Text colors

    Thanks David!
  8. zulg

    Getting an error all the sudden

    any luck on this? it started do this error again abut an hour ago, reloading makes no difference, thanks
  9. zulg


    ok, thanks, still looks good!
  10. Ok thank you very much, I will check out what you suggest and if I can figure it out Ill be buying several of these, I would love to have custom prefabs on my procedural maps and PVE server!
  11. Are there any tutorials (videos) any where on how I can install these on maps using rust edit? I would love to use these structures you guys are making, very nice!
  12. zulg


    will this plugin show the fuel gauge icon like seen in the pic? I ask because I'm using a freeware fuel gauge plugin, but if just shows the fuel jar and percent level, would love to show the actual fuel gauge, thanks
  13. zulg

    Text colors

    David, I know this might be a silly question, but where do i find all the color numbers/codes for the text?
  14. zulg

    Web link

    Ok, Thank you!
  15. zulg

    Web link

    It there away to make my discord a clickable link under the discord tab, so players can join discord from there, or at least can copy/paste the discord link?Thanks
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