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  1. hello rdufallo! Ive updated the downloadable file with the part that was missing! about your request, I think its just better if you head into rustedit and search up NPCspawn and just delete all that you find, those are the only custom added npcs you'll find on the map. The reason I removed the second version was because its get really complicated if a change is needed to be done and it needs to be done identical on both versions
  2. Deeplyfri3d

    Salt lake.

    Changed Status from Pending to Closed Changed Fixed In to 1.9.3
  3. Deeplyfri3d

    Salt lake.

    Changed Status from Closed to Pending
  4. Deeplyfri3d

    Salt lake.

    I did get this ping atleast ok thats good to know, I will defintely take a look at that and fix it aswell
  5. ive taken a look on all roads all over the map, alot of fixes were made manually lowering the road because of the hills and the terrain modifier does not work properly,Ive tried alot of the places with scientists and animals, hopefully I havnt missed any place and the last update thats uploaded its not that fixed in its in the one I will be releasing right now (1.4.3), also fixed so players have more spawn locations
  6. I’ve fixed this issue now but I’ll take a look at the why the spawn points are acting wierd before releasing the update, thanks for reporting the issues so I can fix them as soon as I possible can
  7. that was something new, got any specific roads in mind? I will take a flight around the map to look tho but always good to have something to go on perhaps it’s something I’ve accidentally done in the later versions
  8. Deeplyfri3d


    You do NOT need to go into rustedit at all to make the puzzles work.. I assume the electrik also put a rustedit.dll file in his download folder, this .dll file you need to put inside your rust folders rustdedicated_data/managed folder, you should see alot of other .dll files in that folder then you know you are right! put the rustedit.dll file in there and resyaty the server oh nvm didnt see there was a second page, sorry, figured you guys solved it
  9. haha fishing villages were put in at an early version of it all 3 of them are on it, but I'll put it in the upcoming update that the villages are there
  10. I'll take a look at it, Im suprised saying its not buildable, is it because of the depth they could mean perhaps? I could make the water abit more shallow and maybe even put some eye globes in the middle making it a cool moat yeah
  11. haha yeah had a friend that purchased it mentioning the discord being an issue, but I also noticed I still had the name for skullisland
  12. Version 1.4.6


    This map offers you multi-height terrain and incredible views. It fits perfect for the current vehicles in the game not only because of the nice road work but ALSO with an amazing nascar arena Monument The map features a few Custom Monument and prefabs like: Nascar Arena Monument Featuring blue and red puzzles, Working Elevators and a sneaky trap Glas Maze Monument Featuring Loot, scientists and confusion while running around in there Glas Bridges connecting the steep mountains and cliffs If you find any bugs or glitched you can reach out to me on my discord server (http:/
  13. Deeplyfri3d


    Changed Status from Pending to Closed Changed Fixed In to 1.3.0
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