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  1. Thanks TF. Maybe its due to crossing the day threshold? Tested locally but only by setting times a few mins apart. Our No Raid times are from midnight to 07:00 so when it hit midnight last night i was surprised to see Finished. Appreciate thats a bit of a bastard to test unless it's possible to manipulate the Rust Server time. But if i can provide additional info please do ask. Happy to help with the troubleshooting.
  2. Hey TF, sorry mate. I might be being an idiot here :X With the following setuip. When it ticks over to the new day it shows finished. It's only when i reload the plugin it shows the timer again }, "• Thursday": { "» All day raid": false, "» No raid all day": false, "» Schedules": [ { "» Start": "08:00", "» End": "00:00" } ] }, "• Friday": { "» All day raid": false, "» No raid all day": false, "» Schedules": [ { "» Start": "08:00",
  3. Mackenzie

    Expo Ammo Fire Dmg

    Hey TF Crazy, Thanks for the update. Just been messing around testing the plugin and noticed the fire left behind from Expo Ammo does damage still. Can you take a look when you have a second. All the best,
  4. Makes sense thank you Sorry, i guess i assumed and should have made my self clear in the other thread. We use it almost in reverse so hide it when raiding is allowed and when it's not we show a count down till it is allow...though on your plugin it would be the time of the no raid and the bar is just a nice added touch and not the count down of the old plugin we used. Though if this is becoming to custom, i'm happy to talk a custom version separately. Example screenshot attached. I'd edited the lang file to show Quiet Hours which is what we call it on the server, so ignore t
  5. Hey TF Crazy, Thanks for the awesome update. Got a couple of setup questions, to get it how i want. How does the message here work, is it the message sent before the Raid Time starts? Does every X mins means it will update in chat ever X mins or it will send the message X mins before the raid time. "• Message config": { "» Prefix": "<color=#aabf7d>• SERVER</color> <size=18>»</size> <color=#ebd077>Raid Controller</color> : ", "» Icon": 0 }, "• Message before the raid time": { "» Enabled": true, "» Effect
  6. Mackenzie

    TC Authorize

    Yep, forget it. Way to complicated for what it's worth. Thanks for the reply! Looking forward to the release!
  7. Mackenzie

    TC Authorize

    Hey TF, just had a thought, but i'm assuming it's not possible but figured i'd ask anyway. The time displayed in the UI, is it possible to get that shown in the players timezone? Normally i give all times in UTC, but as you can imagine some find that hard to google
  8. Mackenzie

    TC Authorize

    I'd say only if it's empty. Otherwise you could get around it by placing twig on the base, and if the TC had no wood in it, you'd make it raidable. Unless it only tracked construction by the owner. But maybe it's over complicating things. Nice, can't wait to see the interfaces. This is going to be a very slick upgrade to what i'm running now. Thank you.
  9. Mackenzie

    TC Authorize

    All looks great thank you! One question "Decay base bypass" how is that defined? If a base has some resource and is decaying or if the base has no resource and is decaying? "Select interface (see readme)" intrigued about this one
  10. Would it be possible to get a plugin that can tell you the history of a signs editors, and the ability to ban players from updating signs. I'm aware Tori1157 has something similar on another site, but it seems it's not been maintained. Many Thanks
  11. Mackenzie

    TC Authorize

    - Allowing people to break things in a base that has tc but no resources? Awesome idea! - Return the munitions, explosives that are detonated outside the raid schedule. Could this be optional? I used something similar before and had a few groups that would just repeatedly c4/rocket either to attract attention or to annoy a base owner. Being able to disable this would be great. Could an option raid limit amount within the raidable hours be possible? Many Thanks
  12. Mackenzie

    TC Authorize

    That's great to hear. some of these have been said by others, but i'd love to see some of these features included in the redesign. TC Access bypass - Allows those with TC access to damage there own base and deployables [Suggested by CashDK] Timezone - Offset ability or an additional UI element to show the time is UTC etc [Suggested by Chinchy] "Raid Time" - Editable text, for instances we refer to it as Quiet Hours rather than No Raiding. Custom Messages - Multiple Messages X amount of time before No Raid starts. Eg "No Raid will begin in 15 mins", "No Raid will begin
  13. Mackenzie

    TC Authorize

    Would love to see this as well, to stop teammates getting trapped in bunkers. Can i also ask is this persistent through server restarts.
  14. Thanks Krungh, i'm actually already in his Discord. Never thought to check out what it was. I'll assign the role and have a peak
  15. I've had a look around and i don't believe anything like this exists....if it does sorry for the wasted time. Attack Helicopter Difficulty Tiers - I think it would be useful for giving veteran players more of a challenge while still keeping the vanilla Heli available for regular players. - When the game calls the Attack Heli event it has a configurable chance rating of spawning one of several Tiers of heli. "Tier 1 Chance": 75 "Tier 2 Chance": 25 "Tier 3 Chance": 05 ....etc Or maybe a set number of random spawns during 24hrs "Tier 1 Chance to spawn in a day": Default "Tier 2 Cha
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