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  1. snetzer


    Super detailed map with a lot to discover. Great fun to play on this map. I can only recommend this map. One of the best custom maps I've played.
  2. snetzer


    Thank you very much. it works. this is one of the best custom maps i have seen so far
  3. snetzer


    i mean save the map and install on my server
  4. snetzer


    ok i pushed the Necrosiis_prefab.prefab into the correct folder and found the card with password in the editor and made the group all prefab in rust edit: - View -> Scene hierarchy -> Select all. - Prefabricated house -> Prefabricated house list -> Quickly create from selection. and now buy the map and load it on my server?
  5. snetzer


    what exactly do i have to do in rust edit? I know you wrote a readme, but I don't quite understand it. i have rust edit.
  6. snetzer


    ok thanks for the info, i have the latest version of the map, but nothing happens to us when we press the button
  7. snetzer


    So do I have to put in the fuse and find the switches to open these doors?
  8. snetzer


    we use the PuzzleBypass plugin. is this perhaps the problem?
  9. snetzer


    How can i use this door? when i press the switch, it does not open
  10. snetzer


    Hello very cool plugin Can I use the Umod economic or server reward plugin? if so, what should i adjust? And it would be great, as I already mentioned above, if this were also possible with the minicopter and transport helicopter. best regards
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