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  1. wow - thanks for the great efforts. Unfortunately I can only really do / watch something again on saturday night, but then gladly. maybe xenia have some time.
  2. it seems like every time when the server runs with more than 50 players, every connection of a new player makes the plugin to lag like this. its just one line i copied to show the issue. i got this (as i said, with 50+ players) every time when someone connects.
  3. well, the plugin causes a lot of lag when new players connect Calling 'OnPlayerConnected' on 'PlayerRanks v2.1.1' took 1095ms can someone help me to make it run smooth?
  4. i got another suggestion. could you add a priority for the titles? cause some players get multiple top rankings and if its more then the allowed maximum for chat (3 in my case) some don´t apply. for example: the rank for destroying is more worthy then any hunting titles and so on.
    well, i feel frisky. Even before Codefling a very good plugin, always updated and very responsive dev. thanks!
  5. Alter Ego


    very good plugin, used it so long. well, is it possible to announce to a player after set amount of time after he connected to the server that he has/hasn´t voted? like the announcement with the links - but just not triggered by command.
    846 downloads, no review - lol this plugin is just awesome and makes it easy to customize your NPC. keep it up - very valuable plugin!
  6. i need a way to remove cupboards placed by players after a set amount of time when player is offline (same like auto-purge/umod) but only removing cupboard (or set entities) and working with clans the autopurge plugin isnt correctly working with clanmates and removes stuff of mates, while others clanmembers still play - also i would prefer when only the TC gets destroyed.
  7. could you make this work like, players only get compensation if they join within a set amount of time after restart? Like, they have to re-join server within 1 hour to earn compensation. also, my first intention was, that player vote yes/no for a restart to happen. maybe this would highly improve the value of this plugin. plugin triggers in the night and ask players if they are ready and let players choose if they´re ready for a restart. let them vote for it, if a set percent of players voted yes for restart, a timer of 15 minutes runs (to give no-voters a chance to save
  8. #2 awesome - thank you! #1 found out how to solve it for me, total brain lag
  9. thank you for your answer! to 1: yes i know. i also use a size and color for them and its good. but actually the titles are shown like [Heli-Hunter APC-Killer Handyman] i would love to make them apply like [Heli-Hunter][APC-Killer][Handyman] but you can only edit a prefix and the end of the titles. probably a option to divide them would be fantastic. like "TitleDivider": "][", or " - ", or "|" would be a real good addition. but tbh i don´t know how hard it is to implement, but iu am pretty sure others also would like to make it more fancy to 2: yes tha
  10. Thank you for this really very extensive and well-functioning plugin. 1. Maybe it would be possible (or an option that not only interests me) if you put the titles the players can reach in brackets [1] [2] [3] and not combined within the brackets [1 2 3]. Personally, I think it's not so nice when titles are put together. 2. Can you deactivate the fact that each title is automatically creating a group? I can't use it for my server and think its a bit annoying that various oxide groups have now been created without use.
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