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  1. No, the UI can't move because I'm working on another plugin that will allow moving it in the next version No, any message is show but I can add it I'm working on new features but I have many other private order that took me time so I can't deliver a upgraded version now
  2. Hello, Concerning the compensation only if the player join before an amount of time, it has been already suggested and I'm working on it But for the other one (only restart if voted), I'll don't think I'll add it because it's not the purpose of this plugin. Your player are always informed about the restart because of the GUI so they are warned one hour before the restart.
  3. Changed Status from Work in Progress to Closed Changed Fixed In to 2.1.3
  4. I would like to suggest two things: Firstly, rename some parts of the module to reflect the official Rust Changelist: Rename "Change List" of the navlink by "Changelist", Rename "Change List" title by "Changes", Rename "change-list" URL by "changes", Rename page name (the tab name) by "Changes Secondly, I would like to be able to privately prepare my changelist over time then, when ready, publish it.
  5. Maelep

    MySQL Fatal error & Timeout

    Hello, I'm trying to use MySQL but it doesn't seems to work: Fatal error during command execution and timeout expired. I don't know how to resolve this. My web host is slow, the problem could comes from there but not sure. Can you help me? It's a fresh installation. I use exactly the same settings than Ember installation. The first tun I had an error because I didn't added the IP to remote SQL. But not got these error.
  6. Maelep

    Speed of Drop

    So, basically, I need to create a hook that equip the airdrop so VA can call it and I have to add an option to unsubscribe of the OnEntitySpawned. That's really weird because many plugins use the same uMod hook. I think that it is VA that isn't compatible with many other plugins because mine only add a child entity to the supply drop if the spawned entity is a supply_drop, else I return the default behavior. I'll work on it asap
  7. Thank you @Death @Bumfuzzler You can see it similar to a warranty. The customer benefits from a six-month warranty and updates from the date of purchase of the plugin. This warranty covers bugs related to the script and, as far as possible, bugs related to Rust and uMod updates. This warranty is optionally renewable every six months by participating up to 10% of the current price (excluding tax). (cf.: Renewal Term on the plugin description page) By buying the plugin, I confirm that I will fix any bugs that I can fix and that you will be able to get for free for 6 mo
  8. Are you using other plugins? Because mine doesn't affect the Air Drop, it only add two lights. This bug can't comes from my plugin.
  9. Maelep

    Speed of Drop

    Changed Status from Pending to Not a Bug
  10. Maelep

    Speed of Drop

    Are you using other plugins? Because mine doesn't affect the Air Drop, it only add two lights. This bug can't comes from my plugin.
  11. Changed Status from Pending to Work in Progress
  12. I'm sorry for the inconvenient, I'll fix it!
  13. That's it. Players will be eligible for compensation if they play until the server close his door (3 minutes before restarting). Then, if the player reconnect before the next restart, he will be able to retrieve his compensation. If he doesn't withing the next restart, he will lose it.
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