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  1. Jaws


    What I'm asking is if it will conflict with TruePVE? The schedule part of TruePVE does not work, so if I schedule your plugin to set a raid time, I'm just wondering if TruePVE will block the damage even though your plugin allows it. Plus, I would need that PVP allow part added to the plugin.
  2. Jaws


    @TF Crazy Hey there, I was wondering a few things. #1. Does this plugin work with TruePVE - I ask because TruePVE schedule does not work anymore #2. Could you possibly add a PVP/PVE option to the plugin? If this works with TruePVE, and has PVP that I can activate while the raid time is on, I need to purchase this for my server.
  3. Hey there Steen, I was wondering if you could add the Scarecrow NPC as an option? Murderers are kind of outdated, and are not as threatening as the Scarecrow ones. I could really use this for my server. Thanks
  4. Jaws

    Bradley Loot Stopped Working

    I deleted the loot fine for it and made a new one. That seemed to work, I'm guessing I did something wrong in the file at some point.
  5. Jaws

    Bradley Loot Stopped Working

    Hey there @Steenamaroo, A day ago, it seems my Bradley loot table decided to stop working. It's turned on in the config, and I have it named properly. All Bradley is dropping is Vanilla loot. I am using BradleyGuards by @Krungh Crow. I have the custom Bradley options for that plugin turned off, and I was using that plugin a week ago with the custom loot table. I'm not sure what is happening with it. I thought it would be good to bring it to you attention. Also, all other loot tables are working fine. They are giving what I want them too... including Heli
  6. Error while compiling: CustomLoot.cs(300,74): error CS1061: Type `SpawnPointInstance' does not contain a definition for `parentSpawnGroup' and no extension method `parentSpawnGroup' of type `SpawnPointInstance' could be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?
  7. Error while compiling: NPCKits.cs(195,72): error CS1061: Type `SpawnPointInstance' does not contain a definition for `parentSpawnGroup' and no extension method `parentSpawnGroup' of type `SpawnPointInstance' could be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?
  8. Jaws

    Bradley option? (Request)

    greatly appreciated
  9. Jaws

    Bradley option? (Request)

    Right I do see that in the config now. Sadly, I was hoping we could get the option on the profiles in the data folder. I use BotSpawn for 3 different types of AI on my server. With me being able to select which AI it could target could be really useful. For example: Gas Station1 - I have a "Survivor" NPC spawn there every hour. This NPC looks like a player, and he will attack Players, Zombies, and other BotSpawn profiles I would make any NPC's at the gas station targetable by the Bradley on that Profile. Airfield - These guys looks like "Cobalt Spacesuit Scientist" and the Bra
  10. Jaws

    Bradley option? (Request)

    Request... if possible: Could we get an option added for to or to not be targeted by Bradley? I have a few different types of BotSpawn NPC's on my server. I have a plugin that allows me to set a custom Bradley path, and he roams the roads on half of the map. He doesn't mess with any BotSpawn NPC's except Murderers. Can we get a true/false Bradley target option for BotSpawn NPC's? Would be appreciated
  11. Jaws


    Love this plugin so much. Do have a request though.... I posted it on the "Support" area.
  12. Jaws


    Suggestion: Could we get a "Scarecrow" option added to the JSON? Scarecrows are a bit smarter than the Murderer AI
  13. Jaws


    Is it possible we can get the option to turn off Scientist sound, and give them a name like BotSpawn has? Would be awesome!
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