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  1. I don't remember adding any topology to the monument anyway. Speaking of versioning, I do that mostly because I want to make it clear that there may be newer versions of my monuments. Lots of other reasons for that, mostly it should help me if someone ever contacts me regarding any issue. If you don't like constantly removing previous prefab and placing a newer one, RustEdit provides a tool to quickly replace any prefabs with a different one, and it works for custom prefabs too.
  2. Oops. I've released an update 1.0.1 + it will include a small fix for storage shopkeeper having an issue with offers. Thanks for letting me know! "Drifted Away" was an original name I was using while working on this monument, so all my files I'm using to update the content still uses this variant. If it'll reappear in future updates then it's most likely because I forgot to rename it before the release again :S
  3. Version 1.0.1


    Custom Fishing Village with safe zone and PVP version. Sailed Away is a custom fishing village with two versions – safe zone and PVP. Safe zone includes multiple vendors, recycler, repair bench, boat shopkeeper and other stuff. Safe Zone version: Safe zone version provides a safe place for trading with NPCs, players and buying boats. Has a first level workbench, three recyclers and repair bench. Building vendor: 1k stones for 50 scrap, 1k wood for 20 scrap, 250 metal frags for 25 scrap, 150 stones for 500 wood, 500 wood for 150 stones Components vendor: 1 sheet m
  4. Version 1.0.1


    New pack, new USSR-inspired residential buildings! This is a collection of 8 decorative USSR-inspired buildings, fully optimized and ready for use. All buildings have only exterior to ensure the best performance. Prefabs Info: Building E Default: 1075 prefabs Building E Damaged: 1690 prefabs Building F Default: 1762 prefabs Building F Damaged: 1917 prefabs Building G Default: 1937 prefabs Building F-G Combined: 3737 prefabs Building H Default: 877 prefabs Building J Default: 635 prefabs Building H-J Triple: 2468 prefabs Building K Default: 1034 prefabs Build
  5. WheatleyMF


    Version 1.0


    Simple medium-size docks with a ship and random props. May work for both PVP and PVE servers. Prefab Modifiers: Height Mask, Splat Mask, Topology Mask
  6. Version 1.0.2


    An abandoned swamp village... Swamp Village is a medium-sized custom monuments located in the swamp, containing fully detailed houses, regular/military crates and a puzzle. Includes a monument variant without the fog prefab for people with low-end PCs. Requires Oxide and RustEdit extension to get all puzzle elements working! Monument has a green and blue keycard rooms. VIdeos for both puzzles: • Green Keycard Puzzle guide • Blue Keycard Puzzle guide Prefab Count: ~7k prefabs Prefab Modifiers: Splat Mask, Height Mask, Biome Mask, Topology Mask Military Crates: 4 Normal
  7. Version 1.2


    A small quiet village located somewhere in the forest... Village is one of the most popular WheatleyMF's custom monument that brought attention of many server owners and mapmakers back in 2019. This monument is decorative, which means it can be easily used on a PVE or RolePlay server. However, nothing stops you from placing some crates and make it attractive for players on a PVP server... Prefab count: 2k prefabs. Prefab modifiers: Splat Mask, Topology Mask, Height Mask, Road Last Update: May 9th, 2020 (1.1)
  8. Version 1.0


    Prefab pack with four decorative USSR-styled buildings This pack contains four buildings inspired from real residential buildings of USSR. All of them are optimized and ready for use. All four prefabs has two variants – original and damaged for a better variety. Building A – 1.7k prefabs Building B – ~500 prefabs Building C – ~650 prefabs Building D – 1k prefabs
  9. Version 1.2.3


    Just an abandoned factory... Lost Factory is a free custom monument for PVP servers, containing some basic loot and a blue keycard puzzle. Prefab Count: ~2.2k Prefab Modifiers: Splat Mask, Topology Mask, Alpha Mask Military Crates: 6 Normal Crates: 7 Medical Crates: 2 Loot Barrels: 8
  10. Version 1.1.1


    Vodka, beer, hangar with a stolen CH-47 and… more vodka. "Bandit Hangar" is a small monument for PVE and RolePlay servers. It doesn't contain any loot crates. Prefab Count: ~600 Prefab Modifiers: Splat Mask, Topology Mask, Alpha Mask
  11. Version 1.3.1


    Medium-size PVP-oriented custom monument. "Cobalt Office" is a free custom monument oriented for PVP. Explore, loot normal/military crates, fight for your life. Prefab Count: 1.8k prefabs Prefab Modifiers: Splat Mask, Topology Mask, Alpha Mask Military Crates: 7 Regular Crates: 20
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