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  1. The plugin should default to 100/100 is what I am saying. Why force everyone to update their loot tables? I will do it, but this is again, undesirable.
  2. I don't think your Min and Max Condition Percent properties is working. It is applying a 90-100 percent health to items that normally are just 100%. You can't repair the items either. As an example, this showed up in my loot table after the upgrade: "wall.frame.fence.gate": { "probability": 1, "minStack": 1, "maxStack": 1, "blueprintChancePercent": 0, "MinConditionPercent": 90, "MaxConditionPercent": 100 }, I am now receiving chain link fence gates that have 90-100 percent health and can't stack and are not repairable. I would have to say this is undesirable.
  3. n00b_eh

    Balanced Categories Error

    Any thoughts on what causes this? The update fixed the issue!! Yay!
  4. n00b_eh

    Balanced Categories Error

    Yes at the top of the .cs file it says [Info("CustomLoot", "Steenamaroo", "1.0.7", ResourceId = 0)]
  5. n00b_eh

    Balanced Categories Error

    I am seeing the error [CustomLoot] Balanced categories did not contains <the name of my loot table>. What is this? It happens only the first time the server is restarted when a bot is killed. The bot won't have loot. If I reload the plugin with oxide.reload CustomLoot then I don't see the error anymore. Since I am not able to monitor for my server restarting 24/7, what should I be doing to fix this error?
  6. n00b_eh

    Custom Spawn Points

    It would seem to make sense since the custom spawn points are configured to be children of relocatable profiles. It's a bunch of work though and you have provided another means I think.
  7. n00b_eh

    Custom Spawn Points

    Thanks for your reply! I was afraid of that. I will have to make a profile for every spawn then and see how that goes. Your plugin is the only reason I love playing this game!
  8. n00b_eh

    Custom Spawn Points

    Hi, I am having trouble using custom spawn points with a custom profile and having them move automatically with a map change. I have set the Parent_Monument to "Train Yard 0" of my custom profile. This seems to work, I see a "Parent_Monument change detected" on server startup, but the bots don't spawn at the custom spawn points after I change the map. The custom spawn points work just fine before the map is changed. Do I need to create a custom profile for every bot I want to custom spawn? I am trying to add scientists in the buildings of the monuments to spice things up.

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