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About Safe Zone Terminus

A custom safezone with elements from both procedural safezones Outpost and Bandit Camp.

Terminus Safezone is inspired from The Walking Dead giving aspects and vibes of both Alexandria Safezone and Terminus for the ones who know

Terminus includes

~A library


~Workbench area

~Sleeping quarters


~Small gambling area

~Loading / unloading station

~Airwolf Vendor

~Mission NPC's spread across the various buildings in the safezone

~ An underground mining cave

~And a couple of recreational area also including a hidden red room puzzle with not big loot but a gift , room can only be opened with 2 persons due to only access to is via a jumping puzzle and the fuse box is below it.

Entity Count is roughly 7000

All triggers are placed to prevent building in the area and around it and also enforce it as a safezone! Bunch of NPC's and Sentry Turrets to make everyone feel safe

Ionut Shiro's Collection

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