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  1. i mean with this they can be relevant again, i added mine to eco shop, and also have plugin to do oil node spawns from umod. so works well so far.
  2. Midnightxrush


    { "Only Introduce?": false, "Border Color": { "HEX": "#3399DC", "Opacity (0 - 100)": 100.0 }, "Logotype": { "Enabled?": true, "Type (Label/Panel/Button/Image)": "Image", "Color": { "HEX": "#FFFFFF", "Opacity (0 - 100)": 100.0 }, "Text": [], "Font Size": 0, "Font": "", "Align": "UpperLeft", "Text Color": { "HEX": "#FFFFFF", "Opacity (0 - 100)": 100.0 }, "Command ({user} - user steamid)": "", "Image": "https://i.imgur.com/eLKYjGR.png", "AnchorMin": "0.5 1", "AnchorMax": "0.5 1", "OffsetMin": "-80
  3. i like the update, is next one setting own upgrade amounts and like per level upgrade settings? i kinda wanna be able to set each upgrade to cost more money or materials, also a multipliable number each upgrade on resources harvested.
  4. anyway we can have config to make our own requirements per level, because i wanna do more levels past 5
  5. since you added multi-able can have % chance to get other things as well. say rock you get stone but have 10% to get some hq or sulfer or w/e so will look like your cfg but after items will have % of it dropping so rock would be 100% sulfer say 20% hq 5%
  6. Yes can you also make a console command that can be sent to open ui like drugs steamid
  7. Can make rewards and economics. Also I like just prob day to cultivate with option to turn it up or down. And npc support so can sell it to a vender. Raw or processed
  8. anyway to add two items from one thing?
  9. Would be wonderful plug-in to have players grow drugs and such and then gotta sell it for Currency.
  10. I believe you give each group a perm for that. Long as your using permission manager. I am also confused what you are trying to do other then perms for each group
  11. Midnightxrush


    So when enabling everything on the cfg players connecting get kicked and get this message also welcome ui lags server on reload. Exception (cs:59489): Exception: Packet was too large (max is 3145728) Network.NetRead.Start (System.IntPtr data, System.Int32 length) (at <00000000000000000000000000000000>:0) Facepunch.Network.Raknet.Client.HandleMessage () (at <00000000000000000000000000000000>:0) Facepunch.Network.Raknet.Client.Cycle () (at <00000000000000000000000000000000>:0) Client.Update () (at <00000000000000000000000000000000>:0)
  12. any way to put in button that swap pages to make them bigger and scale them? i rather have bigger buttons on left hand side.

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