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  1. i cant get the web hook to work,,, exactly how should it look in the config please
  2. Look for auto base upgrade plugin on here does what your looking for
  3. its permission based. so only players with the police role will be assigned it... i dont see why you would think it would be abused........
    Great plugin, does exactly what's described. A very helpful creator and i will definitely buy any of he's future releases
    Great plug in, Perfect for a role play Scenario..... And a big plus is that the creator is active and very helpful. i would totally recommend this to anyone who need to limit crafting to various individuals......
  4. thanks for the suggestion but this plug in is limited i need just control over crafting and perms per group to do so
  5. im looking for a plug in which controls and limit crafting by role/group...... so fisherman can only craft fishing poles spear guns spears.etc..... i guess i want be able to assign a group rights to craft various items of my choice.... it will need the full list of available items so as one group may be able to craft only 10 of the rust items another group may be able to craft 20 of the rust items as i chose via the config files...... it would need to able to add groups and not limited to just a hand full please message me with any questions this is a serious request and im happy to pay a deposit if need be thanks Marc


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