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  1. machinehead

    Bank Heist

    ok thank you for your reactivity
  2. machinehead

    Bank Heist

    Hello, All the walls full of construction on the server were entitled to the HP multiplier. Would it be possible to solve the problem please an HQM wall at 2000 is at 8000, I had to modify line 429 to 4000f to solve the problem but the walls for the plugin no longer have a multiplier :D
  3. machinehead

    Bank Heist

    Thx for the update i go too apply this
  4. machinehead

    Bank Heist

    Hello, nice plugin My NPC are naked, i have set kitname and he spawn naked can i have some help pls i have Kits.cs plugin downloaded on Umod
  5. I don't have see the update sorry . He have done cool thank's for help
  6. (11:54:38) | Added '// Reference: Humanlights.System' in plugin 'aMAZEingCUI' (11:54:38) | Added '// Reference: Humanlights.System' in plugin 'aMAZEingPro' (11:54:38) | [DEBUG] Plugin compilation is already queued: aMAZEingPro (0.000 ago) (11:54:40) | aMAZEingPro, HumanNPC and PathFinding were compiled successfully in 2297ms (11:54:40) | Error while compiling: aMAZEingCUI.cs(211,53): error CS1501: No overload for method `IsValid' takes `0' arguments (11:54:40) | [aMAZEingPro] Stopping 0 games... (11:54:40) | [aMAZEingPro] Destrustion 0 buildings... (11:54:40) | Unloaded plugin aMAZEingPro v2.8
  7. machinehead

    Error in console

    Steenamaroo Discord reply My Discord reply
  8. machinehead

    Error in console

    Hello I currently still have the same problem, would it be possible for an update to be released?
  9. machinehead

    Error in console

    Hello, I found that when I reload the DynamicPVP plugin this error appears. I see that there is a problem with the event, but I cannot fix it, I have already tried to modify the config files and nothing happens. Here are the lines of the events when I reload DynamicPVP. (10:58:10) | Failed to call hook 'CreateNewProfile' on plugin 'BotSpawn v2.1.1' (ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added. Key: BradleyAPC) (10:58:10) | Failed to call hook 'CreateNewProfile' on plugin 'BotSpawn v2.1.1' (ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already
  10. machinehead

    Error in console

    Hello, I have an error in my console on the plugin. Failed to call hook 'CreateNewProfile' on plugin 'BotSpawn v2.1.1' (NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object) When the server restarts there is this error, the same when I reload the plugin. I put you the full lines related to this error on pastebin and as an attachment. Thank you in advance for the help you can give me. And excuse me for my english (google trad) 71487.txt

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