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  1. Louwwieee42

    BM 403

    100% they are correct, that's why I'm confused. Do I have to have premium BM?
  2. Louwwieee42

    BM 403

    I'm being presented with `[ERROR/01:22:33] BM Returned Errors: [{'status': '403', 'title': 'Forbidden', 'detail': 'You are not allowed to execute that command.'}]` but my keys been created multiple times and is configured correctly.
  3. Louwwieee42


    If possible could it be modified to work with higher gather servers, I have a 250x and it maxes as showing 100 fuel.
  4. Louwwieee42

    Rust update

    Removed data file all working fine thanks.
  5. Louwwieee42

    Rust update

    Hey, Can we get an update to support the latest Rust version please. https://t4555147.p.clickup-attachments.com/t4555147/7eaf3efb-4e6e-4fff-8fa9-9b1086892c10/Screenshot_109.png

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