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  1. I'm elbows deep in configuration files but I'm glad I found the time to help out. I can't wait to see how the community reimagines launch site
    It just works! this this is a great way to implement the door closers without having a heavy plugin.
  2. LizardMods

    food is not decaying

    ElectricFridge 1.0.3 food is not decaying, here is my settings. if I wanted all food to be rotten in 2 days what would that look like? is timespan in min or sec? what is the max for foodDecay 1.0? { "Settings": { "branding": "Frigidaire", "decay": true, "foodDecay": 0.98, "timespan": 600.0, "blockPickup": false, "blockLooting": false }, "Version": { "Major": 1, "Minor": 0, "Patch": 3 } }
  3. { "Settings": { "branding": "Frigidaire", "decay": true, "foodDecay": 0.98, "timespan": 600.0, "blockPickup": false, "blockLooting": false }, "Version": { "Major": 1, "Minor": 0, "Patch": 3 } } I used these settings and the fridge does not break. You're right though, the default settings break the fridge.
  4. now there's already a plugin that handles a water catchers fill rate, "Water Catcher Boost". but there is no plug-in that I know of that handles the water flow rate from the water catcher to a sprinkler. if you set the water catchers fill rate to the max 2147483646 it would still struggle to continuously Supply more than four sprinklers. anyways I don't have very many suggestions but there's mine. I want to say that this would be easy to make but to be honest I get excited when I successfully edit a plug-in. I leave this in the hands of the coding gods lol
  5. just seen the update lol thats f****** grate lol will give it a try.
  6. LizardMods

    suggestion for The Button

    Ability to configure more than one button.
    FYI to the newcomer, configurations made to murderers also affects zombies. this plug-in is dope. the developers also friendly.
  7. LizardMods

    wood sound replacement

    I tried adding the feature myself with what limited knowledge I have. I'm only a lizard you know I have a small brain lol. I was only able to get the sound effects to work when punching with zero damage lol I'll be looking forward to the update thanks again.
  8. LizardMods

    wood sound replacement

    suggestion. punching scarecrows AKA zombies doesn't seem to have any effect. I initially thought that it might have been the zombie horde causing problems, but I manually spawned a default zombie and tried punching it and nothing. I have tried the one punch man feature and that works on everything but I don't want players two one punching things especially to kill a zombie. Would you be willing to add a feature to configure damage to npc's like scarecrows AKA zombies when punched? anyways this is a very cool plug-in I'm glad you made it, thanks.

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