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  1. l0rdnic0

    Bots Snipping from 125+m

    Hello Steenamaroo, I just came back to follow up and saw that you had not had time to look at this issue yet, which is fine. So I started looking at the other pending issues you have here and I would like to point out that the post "Stationary Bots willnot deaggro" from October 7th, describes my issue almost to a T.. the only difference between my post and that post is that I reference Bots that are moving, and his are stationary.
  2. l0rdnic0

    Bots Snipping from 125+m

    Hello Steenamaroo, Thanks for looking into this. I can confirm that this reaction by the Bots is before they have been shot at or interacted with in any way. Below I have attached the Botspawn Config, the DefaultProfiles and for good measure my Kits data. Please let me know if you need anything else. The Server and Oxide are running latest versions with nightly reloads. BotSpawn.json default-DefaultProfiles.json Kits.json
  3. l0rdnic0

    Bots Snipping from 125+m

    Hello Steenamaroo, I have an issue with Bots ignoring Aggro settings unless I just don't understand the Aggro Settings? I am using an Aggro range of 25 in my Dome profile and yet at any range with line of sight the bot targets and attempts to shoot at me even past 125m. Just to further specify, I'm not running into the 25m's I'm starting at 125m+ away and as soon as the bot sees me he shoots. Is this supposed to happen, am I doing something wrong or maybe have a conflicting plugin? }, "The Dome 0": { "AutoSpawn": true, "Murderer": true, "BotName
  4. OK thank you for the quick reply... This plugin is great keep up the good work.
  5. Has anyone had any bots configured with the plugin Rust Kits that use a Bow or Crossbow? Its seams when I build a kit with either, the bots try to shoot said weapon repeatedly at the hostile target, but nothing comes out or in the case of a Crossbow the bot is in a constant reload cycle. Configs for the Kit and Bot in question attached. Also all my bots seem to drop the scarecrow costume... where is that in the config?? EDIT: I'll add in the console I see the following error repeating during the reload of the crossbow.. NullReferenceException: Object ref

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