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  1. KooLade

    Read Me

    Got it working, but havn't figured out the prefabs. levelurl hosting it in dropbox was enough for it to work using the levelurl "" added to the server.cfg. Just changed map size to 4700 and left it to say Procedural Map
  2. KooLade

    Read Me

    This is what it creates ./RustDedicated -batchmode +server.port 28015 +server.identity "rust" +rcon.port 28016 +rcon.web true +server.hostname \"Hard 2 Raid|ZLevel|PVPwPVE\" +server.level \"Custom\" +server.description \"Free SkinBox | Sign Artist | etc... Testing (Under Construction) - Currently In Alpha Development and Testing Phase - Feel Free to Apply to be a part of the server at on our active TeamSpeak Community, Sin City at: ts.thesincity.us\" +server.url \"\" +server.headerimage \"https://i.imgur.com/psiTaHk.png\" +server.worldsize \"4700\" +server.seed \"\" +server.maxplayers 150 +rcon.password \"LetMeIn\" +server.saveinterval 60
  3. KooLade

    Read Me

    It told me that the level field where it originally says Procedural cannot be more than 20 characters. I tried changing that to "Custom" and adding < levelurl "https://www.dropbox.com/s/knygs6koji7mwtk/RWTheDivide1.0.1.6.map?dl=1" > to my server.cfg but It won't work that way either. I wan't sure what to do with the other files either. When I hosted them all together it makes a .zip. Not sure if that is ok for Rust to use as map download or not. Do you know if they can be zipped?
  4. KooLade

    Read Me

    Also, do I need to enter the password from the password.txt anywhere?
  5. KooLade

    Read Me

    zoomed in a bit
  6. KooLade

    Read Me

  7. KooLade

    Read Me

    These are the startup tab variables minus the RCON. The .cfg it creates is the only thing above this. I can try as server image url maybe. The host is unsure, it is my friend owning a physical server, and he doesn't know how Rust works. It's also for other games. I heard that you have to upload the map to a public server like dropbox, and make a link in the server.cfg, but I couldn't get it to work that way.
  8. KooLade

    Read Me

  9. KooLade

    Read Me

    server host. Not sure how to do it for a windows server host either, should be about the same. Sorry still learning.
  10. KooLade

    Read Me

    Hey, This is my first custom map, and I was just having trouble figuring out how to get this to run on my Linux Server. I thought it might of came with a ReadMe.txt, but I ended up kind of confused. I hosted the file, and linked from my server.cfg, but it didn't load the map. Do you know of any guides anywhere for using a server not on your computer that is Linux? Or the default instructions to install your map. Thanks, Koolade

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