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  1. ftuga

    Removing permission

    I really dont understand this, why im having this issue, i always do server.save before restarting from hosts gamepanel
  2. ftuga

    Removing permission

    The group is still staying, its just some permissions dont stay :S
  3. ftuga

    Removing permission

    Ive nothing that would edit that.
  4. ftuga

    Removing permission

    Is there anything you could suggest to have the permissions save? currently ive just wrote everything out and added it to my server.cfg
  5. ftuga

    Removing permission

    The group itself is not removing, just some of the permissions are getting disabled.
  6. ftuga

    Removing permission

    is there a wake to make it store data e.g oxide.grant group vip nteleportation.use
  7. ftuga

    Removing permission

    The groups not changing, so with permissions manager when i grant permissions using, should i add the permissions to server.cfg?
  8. ftuga

    Removing permission

    It only seems to be for the VIP group though :S
  9. ftuga

    Removing permission

    I set the permissions using it, then when the server restarts I need to redo everything,
  10. ftuga

    Removing permission

    Is there any reason, why the Permissions Manager is removing my VIP groups permissions when server updates/restarts?

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