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Award on join plugin


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Looking for a plugin that will award players who connect to my server for the first time with pre defined items I can set in the json file either by item ID or item name & quantity. But I want it to be a 1 time deal only for the current wipe, regardless if they disconnect & reconnect, but resets if I wipe the map. 

Ideally, I'd like it to remember players steam IDs for the awarding rather than steam names as they can be easily changed. 

I did ask my mate steen but he's a busy guy & suggested I ask here. 


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I used kits before & I don't know why I didn't think of it before. But I can't remember if this auto awarded players on connect so they don't need to say /kit to open the menu to award themselves. Because some players are just stupid.

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32 minutes ago, MikeHawke said:

Quality stuff, hits the spot perfectly. BTW, just a curiosity. If I say have 3 different starter kits people get when they first spawn onto the server. I've been trying to do this with kits but it doesn't seem work or i'm doing it wrong. I want them to randomly get 1 of the possible 3 starter kits & that's it. If they die or respawn/reconnect they won't get anymore unless I use  your fab plugin to reset it. 

also, I'm detecting a southern accent 😉 I'm South Yorkshire!

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haha, I've made my last cuppa & then I'm hitting the sack. So not a problem. But yeah if you could make it randomly select 1 of x kits that would be great stuff, hopefully before the update for forced wipe. I've taken over a server with a nice pop from someone who's had enough. So I've made a few changes to be all ready to go come 9/10PM GMT when rust updates. 

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