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Paid - Needing a simple "delayed" rcon command plugin


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Basically what I'm wanting todo, is to be able to type a command in the console, eg (giveall supply.signal 5) but I want to be able to add a configurable delay, eg (giveall supply.signal 5 20) with the 20 being a 20 second delay so the command doesn't get executed for 20 seconds, (eg to give players enough time to clear inventory space) I want this to be able to be done with every possible rcon command having the ability to add a delay, to any function I need, another way could be delaycmd "parameters" 20, il be happy to pay for however this can be done 😆

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2 hours ago, eatlag said:

That sounds right about what I'm looking for, if your willing to make it for me how much will you want? 🙌

lol im not that good in making plugins or it takes me a long time to make but i can try.
i think i already have something like this but without the command part , but dont think it would take me long to make 

ill try 

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You can already accomplish this with TimedExecute and either GUI Announcements, or Advanced Alerts, or Notify. Just combine the two plugins and you have the functionality. I do this with my server restarts. I use GUI Announcements to execute a command that announces the restart and then timed exexute to actually restart the server.

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My actual use case for needing this, is on my webstore i have a "mass gifts" option, which allows a player to purchase eg (supply drops), but the server actually gives every player currently logged in them aswell, as sort of a bonus thing, the issue is im needing a delay, so once a player purchases that mass gift package, an announcement is made saying "playername has purchased 5x Supply Drops for everyone!, they will be awarded in 5 minutes, please ensure you have enough inventory space", this is where that delay comes into place, i suppose i could run multiple timed execute plugins, have the original one unload the others on server start, then once that package is purchased have the store api, load the required timed execute plugin with the configured item with a 5 minute timer on the "once" config option, but my worry is if for whatever reason those extra plugins get loaded for whatever reason it'll be abit chaotic, not to mention il end up having 10+ different time execute plugins which will just be a bit messy

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Are you using Tebex? You can delay commands from being run for x seconds... so when a package is purchased, you can have the package run the "say Clear your inventory soon" or whatever you want to say without any delay and then you can put the give command on a delay. So you can already accomplish this.


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