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Tool Cupboard Zone create a PVP Zone


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Every Tool Cupboard Creates a zone in which no other player has building law

Can you not automatically make this zone in a PvP zone? On my server, PVE scores on the entire island, apart from monuments and in certain situations, and that also includes raids

I can forget every PVE plugin because every plugin makes a raid impossible

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This plugin is not exactly what you are looking for.. but the users could convert their base there to PvP.. maybe this plugin could be adapted so that the base is not deleted after the time has elapsed.

We use this plugin ourselves to delete our AFk houses..

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There should be PVE on my server, except on certain monuments and in certain situations (Airdrop, RAID ect)
I have the plugin dynamicpvp and the zone manager, with which I can create PvP zones.
The only problem is that you can still be killed outside the PvP zones!
When I insert a PVE plugin, everything is ok, but raids are no longer feasible - that's the problem

Who can help please ???

It would be ideal if the TC would also create a PvP zone or I can create a zone around the building closet with the DymanicPvP Plugin

And with the plugin Abandoned Bases you can only raid the base where the player is inactive 😞

I really need help!!!

I am also ready to pay something

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I've been looking for a solution for half a year now.

I am currently running DynamicPVP with the zone manager, so that a PvP zone is created on certain monuments, as in a certain situation, for example.

This works quite well as far, but the problem is that PVE is supposed to go outside of these zones.
Certainly I could insert Truepve or Nextgenpve, but then no other players can raid and this should also be allowed with PvP.

I have already been told that you can solve the whole thing with Truepve and AbandonEdbases, only the whole thing doesn't work as I imagined.
On the card, the plates are displayed, where it is currently being rotted or where there was a rapid and these markings do not disappear even after 1.5 hours. Just that there are markings at all, I think stupid.

I need something sensible, preferably a plugin that includes everything and where I can set it accordingly.

- PVE all over the island

- PvP only on certain monuments and in certain situations (RAID, AIRDROP, Heli ect.)

- Below the map is said to be completely PvP because of the subway tunnel system

- Kill sleepers should also be allowed outside the PvP zones

- And of course no matter where the looting, stealing, robust. be allowed

It would be the most ideal if DynamicPVP put a PvP zone around each button. Every olle building cabinet creates a construction zone, PvP should be allowed in this .... I don't understand what should be so difficult for it? Unfortunately I can't write plugins, I've always broken my fingers at the configurations ....

All of this without RAID, you can easily realize without any problems, but players should also be allowed to be used for players and there is not a single plugin for that !!!

That's why I am looking for help here, in the English forums that seem to be what I want and what I am looking for *g *

Thanks in advance

Greetings Tappi

PS: I would pay the work too

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On 12/15/2022 at 8:54 AM, RR_Tappi said:

I've been looking for a solution for half a year now.


I've got a plugin (AgileZones) that I submitted last week at $15-- it's waiting on validation -- that creates ZoneManger zones around player TCs. It also creates moving PVP zones around CargoShip, Supply Drops, and Heli Crash-sites. It is intended for use with TruePVE or NextGenPVE, such that these are PVP zones around TCs, but I guess could configure the zones to do anything ZoneManager supports -- By default, it's just standard Rust rules within the zones, so raiding is allowed.

ZoneManagerAutoZones will create your static zones around Monuments.

Sphere shaped zones aren't a great match for Train Tunnels... and ZoneManagerAutoZones is missing some of the new monuments. I'll address these if AgileZones sells a few copies. I also plan to fixup the way ZoneManager handles overlapping zones. 

If you search for "AgileZones" in modded servers, you can try it out. Hopefully Codefling approves it? I'm not sure how long it usually takes.

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