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Make a Cheap Paid plugin: Custom bradley crate,Airdrop crate and Helicopter crate


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It depends on what custom you want. 
You want it to have sparkly lights and make doomy noises? I kinda doubt it, but that would indeed be custom.

If you want custom loot inside the boxes, which I suspect is the case, you'd need to decide a few options to narrow it down:

1. Do you want the loadout to vary, or can every instance have exactly the same loot? Random would involve more setup, fixed makes it boring for the players.
1b) If fixed, all of the boxes fixed the same? One loadout, replace all of them?

2. Do you want ALL the listed boxes changed, or selected ones? If selected ones, how would you want to select the boxes?

3. Easy to configure There are 786 items that could be in the box, and the box can be set to have anything from 1 to 48 different items in, with multiples of each. There simply is not really way to make that easy aside from a 3rd party application or a GUI to edit the loot tables with. Once you've built that, why limit it to a few crates? Just have a whole loot editor. 

Several free loot plugins do what you want, but are arguably rather tedious to set up. There are paid ones, that allow one to edit the loot table in a GUI, either in-game or as a 3rd party app, but those are expensive. The expensive is because getting loot tables to be easy is a VERY tall order, and tall orders are expensive. Making the plugin apply to less containers just invites people to keep requesting another container. Like I see the Hackable crate isn't on your list, and it's only a matter of time before someone requests that. 

As soon as there's more than a rudimentary GUI, the coding is rather a pain to get UI's to display nicely, work nicely. Combine with the grim reality that is loot tables and no easy GUI loot editor is gonna come cheap. 

I'd advise you to have a look at the paid loot editors, or alternatively it may be cheaper to pay someone to create the loot profiles for you, but would recur the charge each edit. I use a loot repopulation plugin from another website, and that uses a GUI editor that makes it easy to edit all the loot profiles. 


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