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Battlerust - We are looking to hire plugin/map creators to recreate Battlefield in Rust


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Battlerust is an upcoming Rust development project looking to capture the massive squad based gameplay of the Battlefield franchise. If you are interested in working on this project, feel free to fill out this form below. Candidates that we feel are well suited for the project will receive a Discord DM for further steps and information. 

The roles that we are looking to hire:
- Plugin Developer
- Map Designer
- Playtesters

*If there is a role not listed above that you feel you can contribute, let us know in the application form below

Information about our Plugin Developer role:
As a plugin developer for Battlerust, you will be responsible for creating gameplay related systems that are core to the Battlefield experience. This can be a range of tasks from a Control point system, spawning parameters, player gadgets and equipment, vehicles and more. You will also collaborate with other roles to make sure our features are intertwined and compliment each other.

Information about our Map Designer role:
As a map designer for Battlerust, you will be responsible for planning and designing maps for a 64 player count. We are also focused on creating maps that fit the lore and missions of our universe, so an eye for world building is preferred. Along with world building, you must have an eye for gameplay functionality and balance. If you need playtesting, we will do our best to provide resources and sessions to achieve that.

Information about our Playtesters role [UNPAID]:
As a playtester, you will be responsible for insuring that our early builds and prototypes are tested with precise attention to detail. We focus a lot on delivering a quality gameplay experience, so we need candidates that report any quirks that hinder our focus. 

BONUS: If you are familiar with playing the Battlefield franchise, that is a plus!

If you're interested in joining our team, please fill out our application below. We will not seek candidates in the replies for this thread but we will answer any questions you may have. Thank you!

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