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Plugin help? Trying to limit deployment by topology?

The Friendly Chap

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It should be possible to Prevent a deployable from being deployed based on comparing local topology to a list.

Example : 

autoturret:{mainland, oceanside, beach, beachside, tier0}, 
flameturret:{mainland, oceanside, beach, beachside, tier0}, 
trap.bear:{mainland, oceanside, beach, beachside, tier0},     
trap.landmine:{mainland, oceanside, beach, beachside, tier0},     
guntrap:{mainland, oceanside, beach, beachside, tier0}, 
spikes.floor:{mainland, oceanside, beach, beachside, tier0},     
barricade.woodwire:{mainland, oceanside, beach, beachside, tier0},     
barricade.metal:{mainland, oceanside, beach, beachside, tier0} ]

The plugin would with this config, then prevent the player from placing a trap of any kind in the spawn area. 

I know it's possible, I just don't know how to get the local topology and how to feed the information to CanDeploy to prevent the deployment?

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