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[Plugin request] Will pay for a GOOD version of copy/paste that works


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I'm so sick of waiting for months and months and months for a plugin that will never get fixed..

1st copy/paste doesn't paste elevators 
2nd copy/paste is having an issue with raidable bases so unable to raid a base by drilling as the base just says floating 
3rd copy/paste is now broke since the last update and causing custom bases to partially paste (like my server town) 

I'm willing and I'm sure others will pay a price for a bad ass DEV to make a plugin that everyone uses and will pay for a working version of copy/paste that actually works

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  • TwoShoes changed the title to [Plugin request] Will pay for a GOOD version of copy/paste that works
1 hour ago, bmgjet said:

1: Main issue is that fixing those normal elevators breaks all the rust edit placed ones since it causes collision issues in the sav file. Since RE it hooks all the elevators with userid of 0.
Which is why I used the subway elevators to replace them when using them in raidbases. Other wise youd have to give them a userid which will break all the PVE plugins.

2: You just need to enable stablity. Works fine for windows server but linux server it has a high chance of crashing the server with physx errors. Which is a fault in driver provided by Nvidia and they need to fix it.

3: Not seen that issue, Iv got 4 servers all running fine after last update. Sounds more like a low end server with the paste batching rate set to high so it hasnt finished pasting parts and the next lot are trying to paste in so it skips bits.

would you happen to have the prefab name or what you use for adding elevators in raid bases ?
and no low end machine here win sevver 100% dedicated i7 8 core 32 gb ram 2 1tb ssd 1GB net connection 

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