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High Paying Job Oppurtunity | $500+ Rust Commision

Jack Shepard

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Hey Guys,

We're looking for a developer who can start the foundations of our competitive game mode server chain. We're willing to pay very well for this first part of the project and future additions as long as the quality of work can be provided.

We want

-Experienced Developer

-Someone who has the time to make reasonable deadlines

As long as those two things can be met, we can then negotiate the terms of our agreement.

Down below we've set some basic foundations of features we'd like to start off with for this server.

If this sounds like an opportunity you'd be interested in please let me know.

Jack Shepard
Contact: Discord ID Jack Shepard#0001

Rust Assault Game Mode - Arena / Lobby Foundations

Clean GUI Intro Explaining the server, rules, social media links such as a discord.

Lobby Spawn Point

Transitioning Zone to Arena (Teleport) Players would be able to walk over to a specific area an example would be a 1x1 with an open entrance, and it would teleport them to an arena marked.

UI to Enter Arena Player can choose to be on Team A or Team B or Spectate for a Specific Arena / Note: The first person to join the Arena will get Owner permissions.

Spawn Points for Arena This also needs to be customized for specific arenas.

GUI Score - Should be in the top left corner and right hand corner which would show the scores of Team A and Team B, Including K/D of individual players,

Settings - A menu which would lead to a UI where people could interact with settings for the arena, there would be a tab on the interface for the player. Tabs on the UI should be Settings Manager, Maps Manager, Kits Manager, Bans Manager, Whitelist Manager, Team A Manager, Team B Manager, Time Manager

/ready -is how a match would start both Team A and Team B need to confirm it.

Settings Manager - A place to access the settings once clicking the settings tab they should have the following options in the UI

Reset Arena - Reset any damage scored or items, used restarting the match.

Auto Start - Owner can Auto start arena without compliance from other people needing to ready up

Reset Score - Owner can reset score once of Team A and Team B, this includes damage or kill stats.

Switch Side - Players can switch to Team A or Team B

Anti-Spectate - Owners can force anyone out of the arena who is spectating or prevent them from coming in.

Give Owner - Someone else can give somebody Owner of the Arena

Maps Manager - List of Maps people can choose to play on and it will change the Arena to that specific map with the spawn points properly put for Team A and Team B. Maps can also be marked by Small-Medium-Large-Very Large

Ban Manager - Prevents players from joining the specific Arena by

Kits Manager - Let’s players pick from custom made kits for the individual arena

Whitelist Manager - Gives the player an option to make the arena private or public and then can choose to whitelist or not whitelist all players on the server.

Team A Manager -Whitelist or Un-whitelist people to join Team A.

Team B Manager -Whitelist or Un-whitelist people to join Team B.

Time Manager - Options to choose how long a match can go on for, if the teams don’t kill everyone, the point goes to the team with the most members left, if there is a tie, the point goes to the team with the most damage. Maximum Match Timer is 15 minutes if chosen to be enabled.

Tournament Mode GUI Tournament Mode can be enabled by the Owner in this it is determined how many matches the tournament can go up too, when the tournament will automatically switch player sides, along with an GUI interface at the end of everyone round declaring who won the match and giving an overview of stats for 10 second pop up. At the final match of the tournament a GUI Interface will pop up with the MVP of the following teams, total kills, score for Teams this pop up needs to be closed manually.


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