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any coder online , i need small update (PAID)


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im trying to change turret weapons on umod to use permissions instead of config 

private void OnServerInitialized()
            foreach (var item in ItemManager.itemList)
                var proj = item.GetComponent<ItemModEntity>()?.entityPrefab?.Get()?.GetComponent<BaseProjectile>();
                if (proj != null)
                    bool isAllowed;
                    if (!_config.Weapons.TryGetValue(item.shortname, out isAllowed))
                        _config.Weapons[item.shortname] = false;
                        proj.usableByTurret = false;

                    proj.usableByTurret = isAllowed;

            foreach (var entity in BaseNetworkable.serverEntities)
                if (entity is HeldEntity)
                    OnEntitySpawned(entity as HeldEntity);

my head hurts and cant think good so if someone can help me on this i would be very happy 

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all weapons are allowed but all blocked ones will have a permission 

for example rocket launcher 

if (!player.IPlayer.HasPermission(AllowRocket))    
                    player.ChatMessage("<size=16><color=#AB2121>You dont have permission to use rocketlauncher</size></color>");


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