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Corpses With Loot Don't Despawn


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I am running a zombie server with an emphasis on realism and simulation aspects.  There is a mod called Persistent Corpses that will allow a person to make bodies never despawn or to despawn corpses by console command.  There is also a plugin called FasterCorpsesDespawn that makes corpses of players with nothing (or specified items to ignore) despawn quickly.  I have found this second plugin does not seem to currently work.

What I am attempting to do is combine the functionality of both of these in order to make it so that corpses with loot stay in the game world until looted and that looted corpses despawn.  This would create a gameplay situation in which someone could be walking through the Metro tunnels and come across an old body and for the experience to be worthwhile because of what it may contain.  The issue with the current usage of strictly having the corpses not despawn is that it lowers system performance with no benefit and for those who suicide as a form of travel their bodies can pile up in an area.  I want finding a player body to be like finding a rare crate, something that is actually worth interacting with and to remove the performance loss of having a million naked corpses on the beach.

This should be fairly easy to implement as the code for all of it seems to already exist. except for some reason the second plugin does not currently work as far as I have seen, as to whether one or the other overrides the other I don't know.

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