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Feudalism plugin

Andrei Bîrgoanu

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Hey guys! I just wanna startup again my server with primitive mode. I try to fiind that plugin that makes feudalism on server... Its exist for sure because there are allready some server with this type of mod. King of one regione/ lord/ peasant/nomad/ etc did u know where i can fiind this plugin? Or where i can buy it? Thank you guys, your are aswome!

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Landlord is a plugin that lets you stake areas of land and get a bonus on resources per tile you own using a buildable flag asset that seemingly no one actually owns.  Imperium is an entire system based around your idea but it is old and unsupported with very little documentation that is accurate about how it works.  It lets you claim a headquarters, claim land with cupboards to increase the amount of resources you gain in that region while letting you tax people who harvest on your land.  It has a built in clan system that that ties into its land ownership system which ties into the war system.  You can designate the cost of land ownership and the cost of upkeep.  The map for it is a big mess, not only was the grid not to scale but it was missing a ton of POIs and so the map was covered in error text.  I also had to take a picture and import a picture of my map and supply a logo for another section.  

Overall it was cumbersome and it became frustrating trying to explain to people how it all worked.

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