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Giant Drone raid event?


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first, im not good at english...

So I don't know if my intention can be conveyed properly, but I think I'll be happy if such a plugin comes out! I will be buy immediately! Sooooo I like that!

(All images appearing are i produced in the rust map editor.)


Several autoturrets are attached to the body and wings of the drone 100 times the size.

Those turrets all aim at random targets and attack players.

When all players work together to destroy all autoturrets, the drone will output a lot of explosion effects and fall slowly.

You should be able to set the gun type, attack speed, damage and health for each autoturret.



It is summoned by chat command or config setting, and economics or server rewards points are paid to players who participated in the Raid event.

It should be able to pay out proportional to the damage done to the autoturret.
Or scattering items would be fine.
Also, when the Drone is destroyed, “drone has been destroyed! Damage ranking: Your ranking reward” is printed using server say, etc.

If that dron could spin a little, fire rockets, patrol heli's hell fire missile, etc. would be real.

option :
1. It can be no fun if there is no sound, so outputting the sound of the ch47 and the effect of blowing dust from the propeller will be Wonderfullll!
2. Appearance will also be very cool if it flies to the target point from outside the map!
3. It would be nice to install the sam site turret on top of the drone for air defense!
4. It would be cool to fire an explosive ammo instead of a regular ammo, befitting its huge size!

If there was a plugin like this, I would buy it immediately!

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